Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, December 5, 2016

Emails 12/5/16

Ok, this week's email is going to be pretty short. Too much to do and no time to do it. :o

I ate shark on Monday, so that was pretty cool. :) A member took us to a nice restaurant that day. It was pretty sweet!

Tuesday we exchanged. I went with Elder Evans. It was pretty cool!

Wednesday went well and had English class. Also went well. :)

Thursday was good. Pretty normal. DTM and stuff. :)

Friday we weekly planned for my last week. That was weird...

Saturday was also good. Had dinner with some members. Super fun. :) Also played volleyball in excercise time with the members too so that was great!

Sunday was great! Church, then at night members had us over for dinner. Afterwards, we did a spiritual share. It was great to see everyone and stuff. It seemed like the perfect ending... Except I'm here for another week. :) It was perfect ending for Elder Chen. :) He's leaving today to go to the MTC in Utah so he can go to Australia on his mission. So I'm going to be in a tripanionship with Elder Dayton and Elder Evans this last week. So that should be fun.

That's about it. Here's my letter to President:

Dear President,
It's hard to believe that this is my last weekly letter to you. I am trying not to think about it that much. It's been wonderful serving here. I have come to love the people here and it's been an amazing and unforgettable experience. I am also grateful for the email you just sent out. I have labored this time here, and now is not the time to rest. I have to go out once more and let down my net again, and after my time here, I have to continue to do so in different ways afterwards.

Thank you for all you've done for the missionaries and the people here. I am grateful for you and Sister Teh's help.

I am glad I could stay here in Jia Yi for my last week here, and I am excited to work with Elder Dayton and Elder Evans this last week. The district is also doing well. This week's miracle was that I was again able to see the changes and progress Elder Chen has made. He has come a long way while he's been here. I've done the best I can to help him. I hope it was enough.

I have been thinking a lot about the changes I've made since I've been on my mission, and how to continue to stay changed. In the New Testament, after Christ is crucified and is gone for a few days, His Apostles go fishing. There is a talk by Elder Holland where he shares this scripture. The Apostles just had an amazing experience; they were with the Son of God for three years, they were there until the end of His life, and then they went fishing. Elder Holland states that when Christ comes back and visits them and finds them fishing, He asks Peter 3 times, "Peter, do you love Me?" To which Peter responds in the affirmative, three times. Elder Holland then goes on to say that Christ really seems to be asking, "Peter, if you love Me, why are we here? Why are we on this same fishing boat after all that has happened? Why have you come back here to fish? I can provide all the fish you will ever need. I need Disciples, who will feed My sheep."

I can't go back to fishing. I must continue to remember what I've learned here, stay changed, and continue to press forward afterwards. The experience here has been too great, too important to me, too wonderful and miraculous to "Go back to fishing."

I love the last verse in "How firm a foundation." I will never be able to forsake the Lord after realizing all He has done for me.


Elder Fleming

Spooky walkway Elder Clayson and I found on exchanges. :)
The district and my language study (I'm not taking all those flashcards home. Too heavy.) :/
Majestic pictures of my bike. :) A huge Protestant church in the middle of no where and a quarry. :)
Scenery in Zhu Qi.
Members and a member losing in a game we played. So she had to eat the candy with her mouth in the powder. :)