Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, November 16, 2015

Emails 11/16/15

I got a haircut and the person cut it super short. :/ It's alright, but the bangs are all messed up, so I won't be able to stick my bangs up like I've been doing lately for a while.  It's actually sunny here, which is super nice! :D We don't have much planned for today. We have to clean every move call and get some brakes for Elder Anderson's bike, but other than that, we're just relaxing and hanging out. :) 

Woo! That will be so awesome to see Grandma, too! :D 

Our Christian investigator is hopefully ok. He's in school and said he can't meet for a week or so because of tests. 
The English class is good. Thanks for the ideas! I'll try to incorporate some of those ideas in class! :D

Since I've started my mission, I've been trying extra hard with the language I use. I've been trying really hard not to say negative things, especially about others and I think it's made a pretty big difference in my life. :)

The Primary Program is pretty fun. :) We have a Primary, but it's much smaller than in Utah. :) They had their primary program a couple weeks ago. The kids were cute and really funny. :) I'm used to not hearing a lot of English, and it's funny to hear people saying things like "woa, white guys" and stuff in Chinese and being able to understand it. :) It's even better when they say something like that and I turn around and say, "No, I'm Taiwanese!" or something like that. :) Seeing their faces when they realize I speak Chinese is always pretty funny. :) The language is coming well, and I can get by and everything, but no matter how hard I try, it's not going to be where I want it to be. :) Oh yeah, after almost a year as a missionary and over 8 months on island, it's pretty ingrained and it's fine to go out and do the work all day. :) 

I hope I get to train again. I think people usually train once, but sometimes twice and I think every once in a while, maybe even more than that. I usually hear people usually train once, though. I hope I can train again though, that would be awesome! :D My companion's doing alright, I just hope I'm teaching him well enough and stuff and that I'm helping him out. 12 weeks is too short to try to teach Elder Anderson everything I know. :/ I'll be bummed when training ends, because training's pretty cool! :) It's a great review and refresher to learn all the basics of missionary work again. :) I agree, I think that there is definitely a huge maturity gap between 18 and 19 year-olds. I remember in the MTC, I could almost always tell, based on maturity, who was 18 and who was older. It's been a big adjustment for him, but he seems to be doing well. Sometimes it seems like he is a little disheartened in the work and in himself. I wish I could help him more, but all I can do is try to get him excited for the work and stuff and let him develop that fire for the work himself. I'm glad for the Lord's examples, too. :) We are super lucky. :) 

Love you lots and hope you're all doing well! I miss you!! :D

Elder Fleming
 Visited a family, and their dog went nuts licking my hand. :) 
 This is how we fill up our washer because it's kind of broken. Yep, that's a shower hose that we stick out the window to fill up the washer with water. :) 
 Firework show at the baseball stadium the other night! :D 

 Awesome Taiwanese night market-style activity that the ward put on Saturday. It was super cool and there were games for the kids to play and food for the adults to eat. :)