Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, November 23, 2015

Emails 11/23/15

I think of the song "One week" by BNL when I do emails sometimes. :) This week was alright. We're still alive. :) This week we had a bunch of meetings; one on Wednesday, one on Friday. The Friday one was the meeting for new senior companions or for people who are going senior soon. I'm glad I finally got to attend that meeting! :) It was mostly a review for me at this point, but it was nice to review and learn some new things. We also have an Apostle, Elder Stevenson coming because his son is in this mission and is ending his mission, so he is going to pick him up and talk to us on Friday!! :D I'm sooo excited!!! XD 

Then on the 10th is our mission Christmas party, where I heard we might go to Sun Moon Lake which is supposed to be super beautiful! :D the whole mission is getting together for Elder Stevenson's visit and the Christmas party on December 10th. I'm super excited for it!!!!! :D Then Christmas Skype afterwards! :D 

I'm glad to hear Grandma is doing well. :) Sorry about the cold. It's starting to get a little chilly in the mornings; about 70 degrees or so. ;) I'm glad it's warm year-round here. We won't really celebrate Thanksgiving too much besides a ward activity that we are doing (I think, unless they changed the date).

How's the Mazda doing? 
Are you going to do anything fun for Christmas vacation? 
Was Hunger games good? :) 

Love you, too! I pray for you guys all the time, too! :)

Elder Fleming
 Last pictures with Sister Lemon before she moved. Two sisters are moving in our district (Sister Lemon and Sister Olsen) and Elder Chen is done with his mission and going back home to Tai Bei. :o
Sunset Pictures
 MTC district pictures (except Elder Booth wasn't there because he went to the one they did for the south)
 English class activity