Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, March 28, 2016

Emails 3/28/16

We had move call cleaning this week, also move day is next Monday. I don't know if either of us are leaving yet, but Elder Hanna probably will. 

Ok I don't really have much to report for the week. :) We went to the national park last week with some friends, so I'll attach a bunch of pictures of that in a minute. :) Our investigator, Bob has dropped his baptismal goal and we are going to try to keep working with him as long as it seems he has desire to get baptized. It's so sad to get an investigator so close to baptism only to lose him/her. 

The work is alright. Lately we've been finding 1 or 2 new people to teach every week, but then they won't set up after 1 or 2 meetings. :/ So our finding looks like it's going alright, but we just can't consistently meet with all of the people we've been meeting with recently. :/ We did have a couple investigators and LA's at church yesterday, so that was a nice Easter miracle. :) We went out to an LA's home in a secondary area last week (about 30 min on a bike) and she was sleeping, so we didn't meet with her, but we left a note inviting her to church, and at the time I was upset because I felt like we wasted a bunch of time, but she ended up coming to church that week, so it felt like Heavenly Father had answered me and let us know that that time wasn't wasted. :) It's nice to see the tender mercies from the Lord sometimes. :) 

I love you lots and hope that this week goes well for you! I'm always praying for you! If you want anything in particular you want me to pray for, let me know. :) 

Other than that, we had some Easter miracles yesterday when a couple LA's came to church and a couple investigators came to church. Yay! :D Lessons were low this week. :/ 

A white guy who was married to a Taiwanese lady came to our sacrament meeting yesterday. :) His Chinese was pretty good, and he does business with mainland China. They were visiting for vacation, so it was cool to see them. :) 
I've been praying for Ant Amy and I hope that her surgery goes well. :) 

Woohoo! Nicole gave a talk and now she should be safe for another year or 2. ;) That's one nice thing about being on a mission; I don't have to give any talks in church for a couple years. Oh wait.... ;) 

Oh yeah! Happy Easter! :) That will be so awesome to celebrate Easter with all the cousins! :D  

I am grateful for Him, too for sacrificing for us. :) 

Hmm, I think that's about it for this week. here are the pictures. :) 

Love you lots and I miss you! 
Elder Fleming

I think I found the tree of life last Pday in the Kending national park... :)