Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, October 24, 2016

Emails 10/24/16

Wow, Cleveland is probably going nuts-all their teams are winning this year! :) 

We are cleaning our apartment today, too. :) It's pretty dirty. I'm excited to live in a place that's not small and lived in with other 19-21 year-olds who don't take care of stuff very well.... oh wait, I fit in that category... ;) Hopefully I'll be better at that after the mission. :)

I like to hear you spend time with Tyler a lot. It makes me excited for when I come home and I'll probably be able to spend time with everyone, too. :D

Bummer about RSL lately. :/ I hope that they can pull it together. That would be sad if Cassar loses his job. That's one reason I wouldn't want to be a coach. It's so inconsistent. Hopefully they find their stride. Playing a game in LA probably isn't the best thing at this point for RSL, either... :/

The week was pretty great! Monday was Pday. We played football and went to Costco! :D It was pretty fun to play football in a park! :D Turns out, Elder Chen's never played before, but he was great!! It was a great day! I don't know if it's because on a mission I can't go out and run around or what, but right now it's super fun to play and do that stuff! :D Hopefully it's still fun when I get back and I can do that more when I get back! We've also been playing ultimate Frisbee as a district Monday mornings because there are 8 of us. :D We contacted Monday night.

Tuesday, we contacted, met with an investigator that went alright. I feel like the lesson wasn't the best, but it was ok. :) Then we had 3 lessons at night, and had to go on splits to teach them. :) That was pretty fun! I like it when it feels really busy on the mission and it feels like I'm getting a lot done. :) I feel like there is a lot of patience involved in missionary work, and a lot of the time it feels like nothing is really happening, but I love it when there are a bunch of things to do and seemingly not enough time to do them.

Wednesday we had mission tour and Elder Funk came and visited. It was pretty good. They talked a lot about using the Book of Mormon. It was interesting. They said when we contact, use the Book of Mormon. I tried it and got wrecked. I'm going to have to practice more at that... :) We taught English class at night. The kids were mostly alright. There was an uncontrollable one though, so the beginning of English was incredibly awkward as I began English class and had Elder Chen call the kid's parent. After that, it went better, though. :)

Thursday, we had 2 lessons set up, but they both fell through. Bummer. :/

Friday we weekly planned, met with a pretty cool Mr. Yang. He reminds me of a previous investigator we taught. He got super excited when we shared about the Book of Mormon with him! That was pretty cool. :) That night we visited a member family and then someone fell through whom we had set up for that night.

Saturday we went to our secondary area. It's super rural!! It was pretty great! :) It was pretty out there and the people were SUPER nice!! :D We met with our investigator, Brother Wu, that night, which was pretty cool. That lesson went really well. It was definitely by the Spirit, and what he needed to hear. That's one of my favorite parts of being on a mission is teaching a lesson according to the Spirit and seeing it help the investigator and his/her life. :)

Sunday was good. Church, studies, and a miracle--we helped two of our investigators come to church. We set a goal of three. Then, in the last hour, someone came in off the street to church, we taught her after church and set up a time afterwards to meet, giving us 3 investigators at church! :D This week, we were able to hit or almost hit most of our goals this week, including investigators with a baptismal date, investigators at church and lessons taught with members present. That was a huge miracle!! :D
Love you all!

Here is my letter to President Teh:

Dear President,
This last week was filled with miracles. It has been amazing to see the blessings of whitewashing and training pour in lately. I hope that I can foster an attitude of gratitude to accompany these blessings. I want to continue to work hard for the Lord and let Him know through my actions that I'm grateful for all He's done for me. Elder Chen seems to be doing better and better as time goes on. I'm very impressed with him. He is not nervous or apprehensive to share his testimony with others, lead in contacting or in lessons. It's been really great to see him change these past few weeks. I  keep wanting to teach him so much, and take all the things I've learned on my mission and download it into his mind, but unfortunately, I have to share and teach him the things that have helped me the most and share those and let him learn the rest on his own. The time is so short.

This week after the mission tour, I decided to go out contacting with out tracts and only have a Book of Mormon with me. It didn't work very well, but it was a great learning experience. I am going to have to practice and try a lot to get contacting with the Book of Mormon down. On the bright side, we saw a pretty cool miracle from using the Book of Mormon in a lesson. We had a first meet with someone last week, Mr. Yang. We sat down with him and ended up sharing most of the 1st lesson. We then pulled out the Book of Mormon and talked about it a little bit. He was fascinated with it! He asked where he could buy one. We said we'd give him a copy for free, and he gratefully accepted and said the next time we came back, we would have to share more about that book! It truly is the most effective tool in gathering in scattered Israel. I have thought about the recent converts I have taught here, and all of them were well into the Book of Mormon and were gaining personal testimonies through it daily before they were baptized. True conversion CAN NOT come with out the Book of Mormon.

Elder Fleming

The really rural secondary area we went to. It was super pretty!! :D 
I saw some old friends at mission tour (Elder Hanna and Elder June), beef noodles, one of my favorites here, and last Monday after playing football in the park. It's still SO HOT here!! :o We were all pretty sweaty and gross afterwards, but it was super fun!! :D
MASSIVE bowl of noodles I ate on Saturday! :) I didn't know they'd be that big! :o It was bigger than my face and almost my stomach! ;)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Emails 10/17/16

Good week. Time is short this week. Bummer.

Monday the other Elders had a baptism in the morning, so we went to that, which was pretty cool and they had a bunch of food afterwards, which was pretty great! That night we went to a member's house and she fed us dinner. Monday was a day where we didn't have to pay for food! Yay!! :D That was awesome!! :)

Tuesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders. That was pretty fun. :) It's weird that I've been on my mission longer than most of the zone leaders have, now. :o Exchanges were pretty fun. We contacted the whole day and talked all night. We ended up staying up pretty late... that's bad. Don't learn from my disobedient example. It was good to talk in English to someone for a while, though. :)

Wednesday we had to take a trip up to TaiZhong to grab Elder Chen's passport, because I guess they wouldn't mail it to us. Elder Chen needs a visa for 3 weeks to go to the States for the MTC and then a visa to go proselyte in Australia afterwards. We got back in time for English class that night which went well. Thursday we did weekly planning and then had a bunch of lessons!! Woohoo!! :D It felt like we were finally able to get some things to stick and it feels like last week was the turning point for the work for us here. I sure hope so! It was a rocky first few weeks, with no one to teach for a long time. I also hope I'm not speaking too soon! :) But it's looking like we have some pretty cool people to be meeting with right now and some pretty cool potential people set up for this week. Hopefully it keeps working out.

Friday, we went to GaoXiong, right next to my old area in San Min! That was pretty cool! :D I miss Gao Xiong. Elder Chen had to get his physical examination. It went well and he passed, so that was good. :)

Saturday we contacted for a while and that night, we met with an investigator, Brother Wu. We had Elder Chen invite him to be baptized and he accepted a date for November 26th! I hope he makes it! :) It felt great to finally have someone with a baptismal goal again, after not having one for this transfer so far. :) Hopefully we can drop in some more goals this week with other investigators. :)

Sunday was pretty good. Church is always great! Sunday night we met with Mr. Chen (not to be confused with my companion, Elder Chen, there are a ton of people with that last name here), and he seems like he might have potential to progress, too. :D We'll see.

So it was a good week and hopefully it just gets better from here!

That's about it! I love you all! 

Well, time's just about up. I love you all so much and I'm working hard here, but excited to see you pretty soon! Love you!!

Elder Fleming

Cool Daoist temple (or Buddhist, it actually might be Buddhist, they get blended here and I mix them up--and sometimes the Taiwanese get them mixed up, too!)
Also, I took a picture because I thought of kids having garments when I saw the sign. :)
Us on the train and in GaoXiong! :D
A couple pictures in a member's really fancy house. Usually that stuff isn't in people's houses. :)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Emails 10/10/16

Congratulations to Kiefer for getting married!!

Pretty good week this week. Well, it started off alright... Monday I wasn't feeling too good. I had a headache and it felt like I had a fever. I have a thermometer thing, but I realized I didn't know how to use it... I've only used the kind you stick in your ear before, and this wasn't that kind. So I put it in my mouth. Hopefully that's where I was supposed to put it. I took the temperature and realized that even though I can see what temperature my mouth is, I still don't know what temperature my mouth is supposed to be, or what it would be if I had a fever, or if it would be different. So I just decided I didn't have a fever and went on with the day as normal. :)

We emailed Monday and then went back to the apartment to sleep. That was good.

Tuesday, we went on a companion exchange. I went with Elder Provard. It went well. It was fun to go with him. His birthday was the same day as mine. He turned 20 when I turned 21. That was cool, so we got ice cream. :)

Wednesday, was pretty great. We met with a new investigator, Sister Li. She seems super golden!! Then we had English class. We are teaching the kid's class. So that's fun. There's a lot of kids! :o We did an activity which I thought was super cute during the Spiritual Share. We blindfolded the kids and lined up their parents and they had to discern their parent's voice then give him or her a hug. It was the cutest thing to see the kids hug their parents and their parents' faces when they hugged their children. :) Then, we made one of them cry. That was pretty funny. Just kidding, I felt bad. :)

Thursday was pretty good. We had ZTM,(Zone Training Meeting) which went pretty well.

Friday we did weekly planning, then had a lot of time to contact people.

Saturday was General Conference!! That was great! We got to listen to our Prophet and Apostles speak. I needed it, it was so refreshing to get a big Spiritual boost!

Sunday was pretty awesome, too! More General Conference! Woohoo!! :D

Today the other Elders had a baptism, so we attended that this morning, then Elder Chen got a haircut, so that's why I'm emailing so late.

Anyway, I love you all and I hope you had and have a great week! 

Elder Fleming
We also got a dryer for my birthday!! :D and it was free from the mission office! ;) We had one, but the office sent us an extra one because I guess we get two if there are four people in one apartment. :) Cool. :) We're spoiled. ;) I forgot to take apartment pictures. I'll have to take some this week. :) Also, more pictures of members giving me a birthday cake. :) The members here are SUPER nice to us!! :D They're great! And one of them is my trainer's RC, so that's pretty cool. :)
There were a bunch of people at the baptism today and a ton of food! The other picture is the mountain that I saw for the first time since I've been here because you usually can't see it because of the humidity/pollution.
We stopped here while trying to find a less active family. There were SO MANY mosquitoes it was crazy and we would've died if we stayed there any longer than we did, but we took a quick couple pictures then left as fast as we could! :o