Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, March 7, 2016

Emails 03/7/16

Zone conference was pretty fun. :) I was able to see a couple old companions and missionary friends! :D  It was nice to see friends, I love that. :)  ...and other missionaries in general. :) We don't see other missionaries here because we're so far away from everything else. 

This transfer got extended a week because of some program at the MTC, so the next mini movecall is next week (we probably won't move), and the next movecall is at the end of March or the very beginning of April. :) 
Elder Hanna will probably leave, unless I do, but that would be strange. Although, stranger things have happened. :) We will be getting 20 new missionaries next movecall. :o It will be a lot; probably about the same size as my generation. It's probably the Christmas or after Christmas group. :) 

I like what Pres. Hales says about avoiding temptation. He says, "One of the purposes of the scriptures is to show us how righteous people respond to temptation and evil. In short, they avoid it!" That's really good. :) 

I learned last week that going to the dentist here only costs 50NT (about $1.50US) for X-rays and a cleaning. :D  

That's super cool Jill's home; that went so fast! I'm bummed I'll miss her homecoming! :(  I feel like I'm going to miss a lot of people's homecomings. :/ 

Woohoo soccer season!! :D I'm glad soccer season's started and I'll be there for the next one! :D 

Our investigator will have to delay his baptism at least a week. 

The camera won't connect to the computer. I'll have to sent pictures next week if I can't figure it out. :/

It's getting warmer here, that makes me nervous....It's probably 70s or 80s and getting humid. 

You're the best! I love you all so much! I'll chat with you next week.

Love you!

Elder Fleming