Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, March 21, 2016

Emails 3/21/16

I'm doing well and am enjoying the warmer weather, too, although I won't be for too much longer because it's just going to get way too hot! :) I think it was 700 degrees here the other day. Warm and humid.

I did realize that I passed my year mark on island a couple days ago! :o 

I should bring my journal to email and type from my journal to you guys because  I write about my week every Sunday. :) Maybe next time. :) 

Last Monday we went with some people (they're former investigators who love missionaries so they take us out on Pday) to the beach a ways away from where we are. We went to a big sand dune by the beach that they called a desert. :) Then they took us out to a chi dao bao. Woohoo! :D 

On Tuesday we did the regular stuff and went to a place a little ways out of where we usually are to scout tracting places because pretty much all the houses here have been tracted already. 

Wednesday was pretty intense. Our afternoon was wide open, so we just contacted and made calls the whole afternoon. We were able to set up a person that had self-contacted us a couple weeks ago for the following day. :) English class on Wednesday night, which was pretty cool because we had a bunch of new people come in and hopefully they'll come back, and we will set up some times to meet with them to share about the Gospel! 

On Thursday went on our weekly trip to Manzhou and had a bunch of lessons, which was pretty good. :) We've had some more lessons this last week, which is really good, because the past couple weeks our lessons were lower. We have been able to find some promising new people though and we hope we can now start working with them to learn more about the Gospel. 

Friday was fun; we had weekly planning, and funny story, my companion Elder Hanna fell asleep in the middle of the prayer. And he was saying the prayer! He said something like, "We are grateful for allowing us...." and that's where he trailed off. I realized he fell asleep and started laughing and after about 10 seconds, he asked "Did I just fall asleep?" haha! :) We did weekly planning and then sang to the ama's again. :) I think our Fridays are cursed, because it's been a few weeks and we haven't had any lessons on Friday... :) 

Saturday was another pretty busy day. we were able to meet with an investigator and a couple less active members. We were able to confirm the less active members for church which was super awesome, because they haven't been to church in a while! :D ...In the end, they didn't show up, but other less actives came to church instead, which was good! :) 

Sunday was pretty awesome, because we were able to get 3 investigators and 2 less active members to church, which is more than we've had in a while! It was also the Hengchun branch conference, so instead of having 20-some people, we had about 60! :D It was super awesome to see what it's going to be like in Hengchun in a few years! :) 

Anyway, I think that's about it for the week. :) I love you guys! :D 

Elder Fleming

Pday pictures! :D 

(We got a new printer this week when the old one died.) Bummer technology has to be replaced so frequently, though. :/ Can you print things off it from the phone like the last one? That's the important part. ;) 

(During our Facebook chat, Keith sent Elder Fleming the link to our printer and he emailed the following messages to our printer.)
(He emailed this message at the end of our chat.)