Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, June 20, 2016

Emails 6/20/16

Happy Father's Day!! :D 

Woohoo!!!! :D Go Cav's!! 
That's super cool that they came back from a 3-1! :D

Alright, here's the weekly email. :)

First, this week was FULL of miracles!!! :D It's been so amazing! This week was great!

Monday, we went to a small island (an island off of an island...) with a couple of investigator friends. :) That was pretty fun. Elder Ward and I are going to have to go back there. :) We are also looking forward to our first fairly relaxing Pday since I've been here. :) We are buying some stuff, then cleaning the apartment. That'll be nice and we are both looking forward to the short break. :)

Monday night we met with an investigator family, the Ye family. They are pretty good. We committed them to come to church on Sunday, and they came! :D It was awesome! They seemed to have a good time too, and the ward was great at helping them out! Tuesday morning there is a less active family we are working with who have been coming back, and we went to their son's graduation for about 30 minutes to see him graduate. They were SO excited to see us there! It seemed really good to help them and fellowship them. :) Then we went to the weekly district meeting, then went on exchanges with the missionaries in Gang Shan. They're doing really well! :D The Elder I went with is someone who went to Lehi high school with me! Elder Melior. :) We contacted, then met with an investigator that night. Wednesday was more contacting, then we exchanged back, so I was with Elder Ward again. We had a do-or-die lesson with an investigator. We dropped him because it wasn't his time yet, but he's a really good guy and we left knowing we did what we could and that we had given him a good impression of missionaries. That was good. :) Then English class at night. It was good. :)

Thursday, we met with an investigator. He was pretty cool. We went to another area to do a missionary's language pass-off, then contacted, ran into a less active member, which was pretty cool. Then we met with an investigator who's super cool! He didn't live in our area, so we gave him to the other missionaries. Then we contacted, then had a meeting with the stake presidency about the state of the stake and the direction they are heading and want to head. Then we met with our investigator with a baptismal goal.

Friday was good. Weekly planning, contacting, then dinner, then more contacting, then we met with the Cai family. Their improvement (especially these last couple of weeks when they've been reading the Book of Mormon together has been amazing!!) The're so awesome! :D The power of the Book of Mormon is real! It can really change our lives so much for the better, and it's amazing that God can help us so much through books like the Bible and the Book of Mormon!

Saturday, we met with our baptismal interview for lunch, then he had his baptismal interview, passed and will be ready for baptism on Saturday! :D We did a lot of contacting. It was a really happy day. Also, Bob, the investigator I was meeting with in HengChun got baptized!! :D I got permission to call him up and congratulate him! It was so great to hear from him! :D He said he is moving somewhere close to where I'm serving in August, so I can probably go out and visit him on pday! :D

Sunday was also incredible!! :D The Ye family came to church, we also had a few other investigators at church, and the less active family we're working with at church! It's been amazing!! :D

That's about it. :) Here's my email to President: :)

First, thank you so much for being my Mission President. I have really enjoyed serving here in Taiwan and serving with you and Sister Blickenstaff. It has been an amazing experience. I am sad that you will be going home, but I am ready to serve under President Teh. The Lord has called them to be the next Mission Presidents and it's His will, so I will continue to follow their direction. I will miss serving under you and Sister Blickenstaff. I hope that you have a good transition going back home. I will miss you and I want to thank you again for your service here. I love you and Sister Blickenstaff.

This week was really great. It's been amazing serving here with Elder Ward. I have learned so much from him and I have been able to stretch myself daily. I think that phrase is very appropriate. "Stretch" It doesn't always feel comfortable in the moment, but if you do it right, you will be able to push yourself further and further, and keep from regressing.

There were so many miracles this week. I have so much to be grateful for, so I'm going to be studying gratitude this week. I want to be better at being grateful and remembering and recognizing blessings the Lord has given me. One of the miracles has been to see a less active family come back to activity and their progression. We have also been able to be working with a couple of families these past weeks, which I'm grateful for as well, because we've been trying to focus on families. You get what you go for!

Thanks again for your service and all you do. You and Sister Blickenstaff will be missed.

I love you and I'm praying for all of you. :) I hope your week was good! :D 

Elder Fleming

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