Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, July 11, 2016

Emails 7/11/16

I found macaroni and cheese a couple weeks ago at a grocery store, so that was awesome and I bought some! :D It was super expensive, though! :o 

Good week this week! We saw some pretty cool miracles, too! 

On Monday we had pday, which was pretty nice. We had a pretty relaxing day. We ate with a member, then went home and hung out. It was pretty good. I got to write in and catch up on the journal a little bit. I haven't really had time to write in it lately, so I'm a few weeks behind. 

Tuesday was mission leadership council, so we went up to TaiZhong and got to meet the new mission president, President Teh. He's really great! I'm really excited to be working with him these next few months! I was also able to get the spiritual confirmation that he is who the Lord wants to be leading the mission right now. :) Meeting with President Teh was awesome! :D He's really good and it's going to be really cool to work with him and see what he does with the mission! He seems a little different from President Blickenstaff (which was to be expected), but hopefully it will give me a good opportunity to learn with and deal with change. :) When we got back from MLC (Mission Leadership Council), we had to plan for zone training meeting, because it was the next day. Fortunately, we were able to get a good plan down before it got too late. 

Wednesday, we had zone training meeting (ztm) in the afternoon. It went pretty well! The biggest miracle is that I didn't feel tired on Wednesday, despite getting up at 4am on Tuesday and not really having any down time. We also didn't really have time to eat lunch on Wednesday, which sometimes happens as a missionary... :) It was really good, though! After ztm, we had English class, which went pretty well! 4 times a year, we have a English class activity, so we had our 4th of July party. It was pretty good! 

Thursday we had weekly planning, where we planned for the next week. It's usually on Friday, but we were going to have a meet the president meeting where the missionaries could meet the new mission president and his wife (which eventually got changed because of the typhoon), so we had it on Thursday. That's when I started feeling tired... :) We were both pretty tired on Thursday, but it felt good to get out and talk to people on the roads after not doing so or having much time to do so for a few days. :) 

Friday was typhoon day. :o It was pretty big! We didn't really feel it because we were inside during the main part of the storm. When it died down  and was just raining, we went out and tracted and stuff. We also came across a nice lady and helped her put her plants back up (she sells plants and they all got blown over) so we spent a while helping her out. :) 

Saturday we met with a family, the Zheng family. They were pretty awesome and have interest in the Gospel! We are really excited to keep meeting with them! 

Sunday was really great too. I love going to church and especially taking the sacrament! It's so great to know that we can change ourselves, and get rid of all of our mistakes that me made that week. It's such a great gift and miracle. 

It was a really good week and I hope you had a good week and have another great week this week! It's Monday, so that means a fresh start! Make it good! I love you all and I pray for you all daily!