Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Email excerpts 7/4/16

(4th of July) It's a little different but not too much... it's super hot, they shoot off fireworks off all the time here, so it's about the same... ;)

Taiwan has a lot of things like apples, pineapples, mangoes, guavas, melons and stuff, but not very many berries.

Wow, happy birthday to Morgan! :)

That's nuts that RSL have had 50 shots in the last 2 games!! :o That's awesome that they are in 3rd place! Blessings for being on a mission, I guess... ;)

We go up to Taizhong tomorrow for the zone leader meeting, then zone training meeting the next day then meet the President zone conference on Friday. :) It's going to be pretty awesome, but probably tiring for us and for President Teh. I don't envy where he is right now. :) He's also doing interviews throughout the month with all the missionaries. :o Super busy! :o

Not much time, so it's going to be a short email. It was a great week! Last week we had a miracle member referral-his nephew hasn't been baptized and he met with missionaries a while ago but the nephew's cousin is back from his mission and wants to work with us to help him get baptized. He's super awesome and it's a huge miracle! :D We also met with a cool mom and her daughter, so hopefully they will start progressing.

Monday was preparation day. We went to Costco, then the train station to meet new missionaries to the zone, then bought stuff then the apartment. Night time was contacting.

Tuesday, we had a weekly district training meeting, then lots of contacting.
Wednesday was great! That's when we got our referral. We also met with a cool member family who are here for a while who are from Indiana. Really cool family!

Thursday, we had some lessons. It was good.

Friday all of our lessons fell through (they didn't show up). It was pretty lame, but oh well. So we contacted. Met some cool people. Saturday we washed scooters for the ward as a surprise service project for the members while they were all at the temple. Once a month they all go to the temple and take a bus, so all their scooters were at the church. It was awesome! :D

Sunday was good. I love going to church and taking the sacrament and knowing that it's a new start for that week!

I love you guys and I'm praying for you every day!! :D

Alright, time's about up. I love you. I'm SUPER lucky to have such a wonderful family! I love you all and thank you for being so amazing! :)

Love you!

Elder Fleming