Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, October 17, 2016

Emails 10/17/16

Good week. Time is short this week. Bummer.

Monday the other Elders had a baptism in the morning, so we went to that, which was pretty cool and they had a bunch of food afterwards, which was pretty great! That night we went to a member's house and she fed us dinner. Monday was a day where we didn't have to pay for food! Yay!! :D That was awesome!! :)

Tuesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders. That was pretty fun. :) It's weird that I've been on my mission longer than most of the zone leaders have, now. :o Exchanges were pretty fun. We contacted the whole day and talked all night. We ended up staying up pretty late... that's bad. Don't learn from my disobedient example. It was good to talk in English to someone for a while, though. :)

Wednesday we had to take a trip up to TaiZhong to grab Elder Chen's passport, because I guess they wouldn't mail it to us. Elder Chen needs a visa for 3 weeks to go to the States for the MTC and then a visa to go proselyte in Australia afterwards. We got back in time for English class that night which went well. Thursday we did weekly planning and then had a bunch of lessons!! Woohoo!! :D It felt like we were finally able to get some things to stick and it feels like last week was the turning point for the work for us here. I sure hope so! It was a rocky first few weeks, with no one to teach for a long time. I also hope I'm not speaking too soon! :) But it's looking like we have some pretty cool people to be meeting with right now and some pretty cool potential people set up for this week. Hopefully it keeps working out.

Friday, we went to GaoXiong, right next to my old area in San Min! That was pretty cool! :D I miss Gao Xiong. Elder Chen had to get his physical examination. It went well and he passed, so that was good. :)

Saturday we contacted for a while and that night, we met with an investigator, Brother Wu. We had Elder Chen invite him to be baptized and he accepted a date for November 26th! I hope he makes it! :) It felt great to finally have someone with a baptismal goal again, after not having one for this transfer so far. :) Hopefully we can drop in some more goals this week with other investigators. :)

Sunday was pretty good. Church is always great! Sunday night we met with Mr. Chen (not to be confused with my companion, Elder Chen, there are a ton of people with that last name here), and he seems like he might have potential to progress, too. :D We'll see.

So it was a good week and hopefully it just gets better from here!

That's about it! I love you all! 

Well, time's just about up. I love you all so much and I'm working hard here, but excited to see you pretty soon! Love you!!

Elder Fleming

Cool Daoist temple (or Buddhist, it actually might be Buddhist, they get blended here and I mix them up--and sometimes the Taiwanese get them mixed up, too!)
Also, I took a picture because I thought of kids having garments when I saw the sign. :)
Us on the train and in GaoXiong! :D
A couple pictures in a member's really fancy house. Usually that stuff isn't in people's houses. :)