Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Sunday, October 2, 2016

President Teh Email received September 23, 2016

Dear Brother and Sister Fleming and family,

I am pleased to inform you that your son , Elder Zachary Keith Fleming , has been called to serve as a Missionary Trainer in the Taiwan Taichung Mission.

This calling is a sacred trust and only the most capable and dedicated of missionaries is called to be a Trainer. A missionary's first companion will have a lasting influence on the development of the new missionary's attitude and habits; therefore, a Trainer must set a firm example of worthiness, obedience and diligence at all times. I am confident your son , Elder Fleming , will set such an example and be an enduring positive influence for excellence in the life of his new missionary.

I am pleased that Elder Fleming has accepted this calling and hope that you will continue to support and encourage him in this important responsibility.


President Michael John U. Teh

Taiwan Taichung Mission