Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, October 10, 2016

Emails 10/10/16

Congratulations to Kiefer for getting married!!

Pretty good week this week. Well, it started off alright... Monday I wasn't feeling too good. I had a headache and it felt like I had a fever. I have a thermometer thing, but I realized I didn't know how to use it... I've only used the kind you stick in your ear before, and this wasn't that kind. So I put it in my mouth. Hopefully that's where I was supposed to put it. I took the temperature and realized that even though I can see what temperature my mouth is, I still don't know what temperature my mouth is supposed to be, or what it would be if I had a fever, or if it would be different. So I just decided I didn't have a fever and went on with the day as normal. :)

We emailed Monday and then went back to the apartment to sleep. That was good.

Tuesday, we went on a companion exchange. I went with Elder Provard. It went well. It was fun to go with him. His birthday was the same day as mine. He turned 20 when I turned 21. That was cool, so we got ice cream. :)

Wednesday, was pretty great. We met with a new investigator, Sister Li. She seems super golden!! Then we had English class. We are teaching the kid's class. So that's fun. There's a lot of kids! :o We did an activity which I thought was super cute during the Spiritual Share. We blindfolded the kids and lined up their parents and they had to discern their parent's voice then give him or her a hug. It was the cutest thing to see the kids hug their parents and their parents' faces when they hugged their children. :) Then, we made one of them cry. That was pretty funny. Just kidding, I felt bad. :)

Thursday was pretty good. We had ZTM,(Zone Training Meeting) which went pretty well.

Friday we did weekly planning, then had a lot of time to contact people.

Saturday was General Conference!! That was great! We got to listen to our Prophet and Apostles speak. I needed it, it was so refreshing to get a big Spiritual boost!

Sunday was pretty awesome, too! More General Conference! Woohoo!! :D

Today the other Elders had a baptism, so we attended that this morning, then Elder Chen got a haircut, so that's why I'm emailing so late.

Anyway, I love you all and I hope you had and have a great week! 

Elder Fleming
We also got a dryer for my birthday!! :D and it was free from the mission office! ;) We had one, but the office sent us an extra one because I guess we get two if there are four people in one apartment. :) Cool. :) We're spoiled. ;) I forgot to take apartment pictures. I'll have to take some this week. :) Also, more pictures of members giving me a birthday cake. :) The members here are SUPER nice to us!! :D They're great! And one of them is my trainer's RC, so that's pretty cool. :)
There were a bunch of people at the baptism today and a ton of food! The other picture is the mountain that I saw for the first time since I've been here because you usually can't see it because of the humidity/pollution.
We stopped here while trying to find a less active family. There were SO MANY mosquitoes it was crazy and we would've died if we stayed there any longer than we did, but we took a quick couple pictures then left as fast as we could! :o