Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, October 5, 2015

10/05/15 Emails 祝你生日快樂! (Happy Birthday!)

Yeah, it's super weird to think that I'm 20 now! :o I like the house and wish I could be there for Halloween! I miss Halloween and making children cry! ;) How are the Halloween decorations coming? They look really good from what I've seen so far! :) Are you finished with your electric chair? 

Yeah, that was Elder Booth from my MTC district. :) It's super weird! I couldn't believe it at first that I was training! That doesn't usually happen this early! Also, There's another Elder in that picture, Elder Osborne, who I know from high school. :) I'm sooo excited for General Conference this week!!! :D It's going to be awesome! General Conference is always really nice and a great spiritual boost, especially as a missionary. :) I liked what you said about the refining process and I agree, but I feel like it's both. Through our repentance and the changing of ourselves we can allow God to refine us into who He wants us and needs us to be. :) 

I don't think I will know until Thursday or Friday about my new companion and Elder Dayton should know on Saturday night for where he's moving too. It was good practice being with him I think because I think it prepared me to have a trainee. I wonder if President Blickenstaff did that intentionally. :) 

I wasn't able to go to Tina's baptism in Yuan Lin, because her parents hadn't been reactivated yet, so they're waiting to baptize her. :/ There were two baptisms and that the Sisters in our district had, which was cool, though. :) It was really awesome to go to a baptism and then that next night. :) Also, our investigator came to church today so if he makes it to General Conference he will get baptized that night!! :D And that means that my trainee's first full day in the field he will have a baptism!!! :D I'm super excited!! 

Also, I can't send any pictures today, I forgot the thingy to hook up my camera to the computer. :/ Next week I'll send the pictures, though! :) Most of them so far are of the Sister's baptisms! :) 

Make sure you're still taking care of yourself and don't let yourself get over-stressed! :) 
I love you and I'm praying for you all the time. :)  

Elder Fleming