Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, October 12, 2015

Emails 10/12/15

My new companion is Elder Anderson! He's pretty cool! His Chinese is pretty good, too and I'm excited to work with him. I guess his older sister and her husband both served in the TaiZhong mission before! I think I saw his older sister's baptismal picture in my last area. I heard she was really good! I hope that I can help Elder Anderson be as good or better! :)  There are some things about him that remind me of myself when I first started my mission. He seems to be learning pretty quickly though, which is good! He is from Springville, Utah. :) And we did get to baptize our investigator! :D I was so happy that it worked out!

We survived the typhoon. :) The power had gone out in a nearby area, but our apartment was ok. :)
Zack's new companion, Elder Anderson. This photo was on the Taichung, Taiwan Mission blog when he arrived in Taiwan earlier this week. 
I'm super bummed I'll be missing Halloween this year! :( The decorations look really cool, though! :) That's a huge bummer that Mexico beat the US men's team. Lame.

General Conference talks: I really liked Elder Uchtdorf's talk, Elder Holland's talk I loved, and there were some other ones that I liked that I forgot who gave them. I also really liked the Relief Society President's testimony. The one with the seat belt. :)Yeah, Elder Holland's talk made me tear up. I thought of all you have done for me and I was super grateful for all you've done for me in the past. :) and the stuff you still do for me now. :) I knew Elder Stevenson's son is in my mission. :) He got to watch his dad's talk live. :) 

Also, for your leadership question, I do like what the missionary handbook says about leadership. I think that good leaders will also love those whom they serve. And that is what leaders (especially in the Church) are called to do; serve. Leaders are the ministers of the church, not the administrators. The best leaders, King Benjamin, Joseph Smith, even world leaders like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, were servants. They didn't look to get gain--their leadership actually cost some great personal sacrifice. I think that's what makes a good leader. They serve and love and are willing to do anything for those whom they serve. :) 

Elder Fleming
My new companion, Elder Anderson and I! The other one is of the old district! It's move day today, so we are getting new people. One of the new sisters is actually one of the sisters from my MTC district! I'll have to get pictures of the new district next week. :) 
More district picture and Liu Di Xiong's baptism! :D He's the one in the middle, and our RC (far left) did the baptism!!! :D It was super cool and the Blickenstaffs came to it because they met Liu Di Xiong before! I was so glad we were able to help him get baptized because it was my companion's first full day in the field that day! Super awesome!!! :D 
 view from a member's sunglasses store :)
Gross fish thingy--Yuck! :) and also a windmill with our RC, Lin Di Xiong's back (Di Xiong=Brother. Brother Lin) :) 
We went to the beach last week and there were HUGE windmills! Also a funny sign letting us know that the place had urinals. :) 
More creepy fish thingy
Baptism pictures of the Tan Zi sister's newest RC and more big, dead fish!
Da Ya Sister's newest 
Elder Williams (MTC district) and Elder Olsen (high school) and I. :) 
Elder Williams (MTC district) and Elder Olsen (high school) and I. :)