Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, October 26, 2015

Emails 10/26/2015

Haha I'm glad you liked that I was on the blog! Yeah, President and Sister Blickenstaff just showed up to the district training meeting (DTM) on Tuesday. I had two burgers and two chocolate milks right before we did the meeting, so when they came in, between the shock of them showing up, the stress of them showing up and my lunch, I thought I was going to throw up! :) It ended up going ok though and after about ten minutes, I was ok. :) At dinner that night, I just took about 10 minutes to just de-stress from DTM, because after DTM we had a lesson and had to go from that to the lesson and then we ate dinner. :) Hopefully they think I did well and they don't need to come back to my DTM's for a while. ;) 

I'm sorry to hear about Grandpa. I've been praying for him and for Grandma a lot more these past few weeks. I hope that they're ok and that Grandma is doing well. I'm really worried about Grandma and the stress and stuff she must be dealing with. That's not good to hear about Becca, either! :o I hope she's feeling ok and that her surgery goes well. I'll definitely be keeping her in my prayers. :) I'm glad Nicole is going to Sadie's. :) 

I'm super excited to see the pictures and what you do for Halloween! I'm super bummed that I'll be missing out! The good news is that I only miss one more Halloween. :) Haha I don't miss cutting the grass... much. ;) I do miss lawns, though. There are almost no lawns in Taiwan. There's just not a lot of space for them. :/ 

I'm doing well, still alive and I finally stopped coughing! :D I had this cough for like, 3 weeks. I wonder if part of the pneumonia from when I was in high school came back. It went away though, so that's good. :) I think training is going well. I just hope I'm doing well for my trainee! I feel like training is like parenting (to a very, very small degree), because everything you do is for them. Trainers need to set a good example and leave a good impression for the trainees. They will look to the example of their trainers and it really does leave a lasting impression on the trainees for a very long time. I'm still looking at the things Elder Bak did and I'm trying to do the things he did for me. I think my trainee is doing well; he seems to be getting better and better every week. I can also see a difference and he has more of a desire to do the work and seems to be happier as time goes on. I really hope that I'm helping him out. 

The lang is pretty good. It's never where I want it to be or never as good as I want, but I can communicate with people and usually understand what they're saying to me and I can get my point across to them. :)  I'm really trying to make even better use of language study though, so that I can get better and better in the language. :) I'm eating well; and I was stuffed to the rafters on Tuesday when I ate 2 hamburgers and 2 chocolate milks. :) (I do that about every other Tuesday before DTM) :)

Anyway I love you lots and miss you tons and hope everything is going well there! I pray for you all the time! :) I was thinking the other day and when I finish training, I'll be right at a year mark on my mission. :O It'll be hump day! 
Elder Fleming
Super awesome sky pictures! I don't know how good the pictures look, but the clouds and the sky looked super cool and if you look at the picture upside down, it almost looks like a partly-frozen lake with the sun reflecting off of it (even though it's really just the sky) ;) 

More sky pictures and bad, long-ranged pictures of a Taoist parade going on outside of our apartment one morning.
More parade pictures. :)
 We are teaching the kid's English class. They are nuts, but super cute! :) The one wearing the bunny ears cracks me up. :) They drew pictures last week and then we took pictures with them. :)  

 Elder Chen totally fell asleep and then woke up four times while we were studying while my companion was doing a language pass off yesterday! Haha! :) 
Bryce, a member who just turned 8 and got baptized on Saturday.  :D
 Baseball stadium in our area and a sunset (I think it was a sunset)  :)