Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, October 19, 2015

Emails 10/19/15

Huge bummer to hear about RSL losing and not going to the finals. That's disappointing.  It sounds like we really need Borchers back. :) I hope they're back to doing well when I get back! :) 

I miss spending time with you guys, though. :) It was kind of weird; I was getting ready the other day, and I just had this sudden longing to be home and be with you guys again. I miss you and all, but it's not usually that strong and it hasn't happened in a while! It made me excited, because when I finish with training, I'll be at my year mark, and that's hump day on the mission! :o It also makes me want to try waaay harder! I need to do more and work harder and help more people! At first, it felt like 2 years was forever, but now it seems like it isn't enough. 

Yeah, I read Tyler's email. That's super awesome that he's going to be district leader! I tried to email him before, but I think that it was Uncle Daryl's email, but I just want to let him know not to stress it too much, and that as a district leader, you need to set the example for other people and just work hard, but that's what he seems to already be doing. :) I would also tell him that district meetings every week aren't so bad as long as you prepare well and have energy to get everyone pumped! Also some of the leadership stuff we discussed last week. :) 

I have had a couple dreams with a little Chinese in them, and one of the biggest dreams I remember is back in the MTC, where I was being taught Chinese in my dream! That was kind of cool. :) 

Things are going pretty well here, and we have a couple investigators looking like they're going to be getting baptized soon, which I'm super excited for because we are helping these people come unto Christ and hopefully it's pumping my companion up for the work! :) 

This week was good and awesome stuff happened, but I forgot most of it. :) Just kidding. :) Monday wasn't too special; just hung out and vegged, which was nice, because I hadn't done that in a while. Tuesday, we had some meetings and stuff which went well and we also got a bunch of referrals in our referral system; I guess it was clogged up or something and so we have like, 30 or so new referrals from other missionaries and stuff! :D Super cool! Wednesday was good; we had English class and we are now in charge of the little kids, which is going to be a challenge to keep them entertained, so if you have any ideas to keep little kids (under the age of 7 or so and over 3 I think) entertained for periods of time, that would be great! :D Thursday went not as planned, which I don't always like, but it turned out ok and we were able to meet with some investigators and stuff, which was good. :) Friday was good. Saturday was good and we got some lessons in, so that was good. Sunday was really good because I got to see my RC, Qiu Di Xiong (Di Xiong=Brother) because he got the weekend off from military service! :D It was super good to see him! I think that's about it this week. :) Love you and miss you lots and you're always in my prayers!!! :D 

Love you lots! I miss you, too! :) 

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