Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Emails 1/11/16

Haha happy hump day. :) I'm excited to see you too, and I'm glad I'm on the downward side, as well as a little bummed. I got the package, thanks so much!! :D Your timing was amazing!!! :D It came on the 8th or the 9th I think. :) I'm glad to hear that Grandma Carter's home and feeling better. :) That's a big relief.

I'm excited; it's Chinese New Year next month! :D 

Well it was a good week in Tai Nan. It's been pretty fun working with Elder Bradford and the people here are super cool! :D The food's amazing as well! The area is super cool; it's pretty here and there are beaches close by as well as a few rivers. I call them rivers; you might call them streams, but they seem bigger than streams. I don't know. :) Anyway, my companion Elder Bradford's pretty good and it's been pretty fun working with him. Finding is going a lot better here. The people are a lot more nice and willing to talk here as well. :) We were able to find some cool new investigators, so hopefully they'll start meeting with us more and progressing. We also went to Gao Xiong today! That's why I'm emailing so late. I'll send the pictures in a minute. :) It was really cool and I was able to learn some cool stuff about Buddhism. Hmmm, other than that, this week was good; the regular stuff--finding, teaching, eating and sleeping. :) That's probably about it for now. :) 

Elder Fleming
One of our new investigators we found on the road biking to the church who took a tour with us. :) The other picture is of Christmas time cookies I found in Costco!!!!!! XD

The apartment is HUGE!! :D 
The kitchen (That box thingy in the corner is our shower) :)
Oh yeah, squatters! They're actually pretty nice to use. 
2 dryers! Woo! :D 
Epic picture of Elder Bradford mountain biking... in front of our local Costco. :) 
The cool Buddhist place we went to today. Also me and Elder Bradford. :) 
Massive golden Buddha statue! Seriously, this thing's super big!!! 
A wooden sculpture with a billion people on it and Buddha and also these underground catacombs of buddhist stuff (it's a display of what they're really like, we weren't actually down there) :) 
Me and Brother Chen "Ricky" :)