Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, January 25, 2016

Emails 1/25/16

Well, after a whole 3 weeks in Tai Nan, one of the best places in Taiwan ever, I moved. It was really weird and I thought that the Zone Leaders were kidding. Every 6 weeks, we have "movecall" and in the middle of it (the 3rd week) we have "mini movecall" I don't know why we have it, but we do. There were about 5 missionaries that moved, and I was one of them. They moved me down to Hengchun, which is as far south as you can get.  I'm a two hour bus ride from Gao Xiong in Hengchun right now. :o We are about a 2 hour bus ride from the nearest train station (this place is apparently pretty rural), and about an hour bus ride from the nearest missionaries. I am going to be serving in a branch. I don't know how many members there are, but it's not a ton. :) I'm a little excited, nervous and kind of frustrated. I was really liking Tai Nan and it was so nice, and I left after only 3 weeks. :/ Oh well, it'll be cool here, hopefully. :) 

Also, I had to ride my bike as  well as hold on to another bike to get it ready for the next missionary coming in to Tai Nan and I totally biffed it. It was weird, I've never crashed while doing that before. I went face-first over the front of my bike, but thankfully was ok. My face is alright and I only got some scratches on my elbow and my knee and somehow, the top of my foot. Other than that, I got hit by an Ama (Grandma) on a scooter this week. It wasn't bad, she just turned into me and barely tapped me. I was wondering when something like that would happen. People drive pretty nuts here sometimes. :) We also had a missionary broadcast, which I thought was going to be super cool and that they were going to announce something crazy, but then they didn't really announce anything. :/ They just talked about some of the fundamentals of missionary work. :/ That's probably all the big announcements of the week, I think. :) My new companion is an Elder Hanna. He seems cool, and he's from Oregon, which is pretty neat. Hopefully, things end up being super cool here. :) Oh, also, I'm a Facebook missionary now. I don't know what that means, but you might be able to look me up on Facebook if I make one this week. :) I don't know if you'll be able to read it or anything, because it will probably all be in Chinese... :) 
Anyway, I love you and miss you and think about you lots! :) 

Elder Fleming

Some of these pictures are of a wedding reception, where our boy, Ricky basically "DJ'ed" I don't know if that's the right word to use, but yeah, he talked and guided the activities that they did and stuff. :) He's super awesome. :) Another picture is of me in a Batman mask I found while on exchanges with the district leader. :) "I'm Batman" :) Another picture is of one of our RC's and my companion passed out in Sacrament. :) Another one is of me and Elder Williams, who I saw at the missionary broadcast thingy. :) 

This is a barbecue and hot pot chi dao bao we went to in Tai Nan. :) It's a little expensive at $400NT ($12US), but it's SUPER good!! :D It's pretty much all you can eat meat, desserts and great drinks. :) And you cook the meat yourself, so you don't fill up too fast. :) Super good stuff! :D