Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, January 18, 2016

Emails 1/18/16

Sorry, I always mix Tai Nan and Nan Tou up for some reason. I'm in Tai Nan. :) Elder Anderson is still in Tan Zi. That's awesome that Nicole got into Utah State!! :D That's super good for her! That's cool that Nicole was accepted to the U, even if she isn't planning on going there. :)

Woo! :) The snow is crazy! I keep forgetting that it's winter and that it's snowy there! :o  Woohoo! Another package? :D Hmm, as for a package, I'm almost out of fireballs to keep me awake during meetings. :) Other than that, I don't know. Cinnamon bears? ;)  

Things are good with Elder Bradford and I'm enjoying the work here and working with him. :) It's been a pretty good couple of weeks. :) I need to email Elder Anderson; I haven't done that yet. :( I was going to do that today. 
the interviews went well. It's nice to talk to President Blickenstaff. :) Yeah, I miss taking naps, and since I got out in the field I didn't sleep during church much until I trained Elder Anderson. I fall asleep sometimes now, but it's not usually every week. :) 

I like that scripture in Corinthians (2 Corinthians 5:7  "for we walk by faith, not by sight."). I haven't read that scripture before, but I've heard of that phrase before. I like it. I heard that in the premortal world, we walked by sight, because we were with and lived with Heavenly Father, but now we need to rely on faith in our mortal lives. :) 

Well, some cool and crazy things happened this week. We went to the Sister's super rich investigator who had an elevator in her house! She was loaded! It was pretty cool. :) Then Tuesday we went on exchanges and on Wednesday we had English class where a mouse ran in the classroom right behind me as I was teaching, which startled the students. :) Then on Thursday, we went to the park to have some sit down lessons with random people. We met this nice lady from mainland China and met with her and were about to exchange information and set up to meet with her again when this random dude came up and wanted to listen about Jesus, too. At first, I was like, this guy's Satan! He's trying to get rid of our potential investigator! Then the lady left and we weren't able to exchange information and the guy sat down with us and we taught him, then he left and wouldn't set up, either! :/ Then we went across the street to check out a store (where I bought a cool Taiwan pin) and this old dude wanted to talk to us in the store next door, so we did that. He kept saying he was Christian, too and asked if we'd pray with him, so we did. :) Friday was good, too. We went to a library to see if we could get some sit downs there, but then it was super quiet so we left. Saturday, we had a baptism! It was super cool! :D Then Sunday was alright. And now it's pday. Yay! :D 

Also this week on Saturday, we had an English student invite us to this art gallery thingy and then they started inviting people from the audience to speak (I don't know why) but then they saw that there were white people (us) and invited my companion to go up and speak, so he did. :) I thought I was going to as well, but then I didn't, which was a bummer. :/ It was pretty funny to watch him go up and speak! :) He said something like "I don't know what you want me to speak about, because I don't know what you're all talking about" :) That was my favorite line he said. :) He said we were missionaries sharing about Jesus and that we were coming to look at the art, because we had a friend with art in the gallery. 

I love you all and hope you all have a great week! I love you and miss you lots!! 

Elder Fleming

Sweet! I figured out how to put a bunch of pictures in the same email! :D