Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, April 18, 2016

Emails 4/18/16

RSL hasn't lost yet?? :o That's awesome!! :D 

Ok, first, I'm going to send my email of what happened this week again. :)

I think I'm just going to write out of my journal. No super crazy stories like last week, but it was still a pretty good week. :) 

The time's been going by fast here lately, which is good I guess. I'm also  bummed, because my time left is getting less and less. I have been enjoying my mission SO much, especially lately. I have been enjoying my mission the entire time, but I've been enjoying it even more, which is awesome! I used to keep track of how much time I had been out on the mission and how much time I had left when I first got out, but I don't even like to think about that anymore. The thought of ending my mission one day makes me really sad. I just want to be out here forever! 

This week was pretty alright. Monday was Pday, where we pretty much just rested, ate lunch and emailed (not in that order) :) We met with our investigator, Bob, which went alright. Also, this week, we've been trying to take 1.5 of our 3 hours we have at night and dedicate them just to finding and contacting people on the street, which means less lessons, but it's been working out really well! We also have been setting a lot of contacting goals to try to get a certain amount of people's phone numbers each 30 minutes or a certain number of people to set up to meet with us. It's helped out a lot, and we were able to meet some pretty cool people. 

Tuesday was alright. We only had one lesson set up at night, so we did a lot of contacting. It was kind of rough, but we survived the heat in the afternoon. :) At night, we visited an investigator, Sister Lin, who has been acting not so interested in the Gospel lately, because she keeps saying how busy she is, so we hadn't visited her in a while. She seemed happy to see us, but still busy. ...or "busy" we aren't sure yet. We will drop her and stop meeting with her if she keeps saying she's busy next week. As we were leaving, one of the members that had gone with us was driving away and said "Elder, you don't have a headlight!" Elder Grisenti didn't have a headlight. We laughed and kept riding our bikes, and just down the road, we saw her coming out of a store with a couple lights for his bike! :) She then installed them to his bike, while he stood there and watched, feeling awkward. :) Haha! :) Also, she got back from her mission just a little bit ago from Taibei, so she's super awesome about that stuff. :) 

Wednesday went ok. We found out that one of the missionaries in the mission had passed away while riding his bike. I guess he got hit by a car. It was an accident, and he died soon after. He was in training and had been on island for only 2 months. I didn't know him, but it hit close to home. I feel so bad for him, for his trainer and for his family. I have been trying to be extra mindful of him in my prayers. I'm super sad he died and the fact that he was in our mission makes it much more shocking and even a little scary. I think that dying on a mission might be one of the best times to go however, because we are so close to our Heavenly Father and are trying so hard to serve our brethren. At the same time I think it's also one of the hardest and one of the most unfair deaths to deal with and be involved in. 

On Wednesday we were also able to meet with one of our investigators again, named Dean. He's a bro! He cooks these octopus balls and is learning Kendo. He's super cool! We taught him the 2nd lesson (plan of salvation) and he really liked it! He said it seemed really fair and that it made a lot of sense. We invited him to get baptized and accidentally set it a week earlier; only 3 weeks, but he still accepted! Woohoo! Unfortunately, he goes to Ping Dong on the weekands, out of our area, so he will probably have to be baptized there. :/ Oh well, team Jesus. :) We will still be able to teach him and meet with him and stuff though, since most of his time is spent here. :) 
Thursday was good. Nothing really special to say about it other than it was super humid and hot!! :o Summer's beginning here. 

Friday was good. Weekly planning and then we sang to the ama's, only they were busy, so we sang to the agong's (grandpa's) and they were ok. Not as fun, though, they didn't clap along, but it was still pretty fun. :) We ate dinner at the Huang family's (a member family in the branch) restaraunt. It's really famous and SUPER good! :D It's a seafood place, too! :) Who knew I would like a seafood place?? ;) Then later that night, we saw a random other member who bought us drinks and chatted with us for a while. That was fun, but at the same time, I was struggling, because I wanted to be on the road talking to other people to get some more people to teach and bring to Christ. It was good, though. :) 

Saturday, we met with another investigator, Brother Wu. He's alright. He loves going to church and goes every week! We need to give him (and he needs to accept) a baptismal goal! :) 

Sunday was good. we went to church, then in the 2nd hour they didn't have a teacher and everyone was just kind of sitting there, so I decided to teach the 2nd hour of church with them. Hopefully they were ok with that. :) I wanted to have church and remember the Savior, so I taught the lesson. :) I didn't prepare anything for it, which was interesting... but it ended up going pretty well I think. :) 

Also, Sunday night was pretty nuts. I guess there were people filming a tv show from mainland china, and my companion and I were riding our bikes to do English proselyting when we turned down a street and a bunch of people were there. Two people came out in front of us, one holding a camera and one holding a big light to film us. As we drove by, we heard them say "It wasn't [the actors], it was missionaries!" My companion and I got a good laugh that they thought we were actors riding around on bikes.
Sorry for the weird font, I didn't want to type it again. :) I had sent this in my email to President. :)

Anyway, that was my week. :) Love you guys. :) 

Elder Fleming

An LA (less active member) outside who works at 7-11 who was wearing a goofy hat  and stuff for an activity. Haha :) also my companion during English meeting and with his sleeve cut off. :) Haha he was cutting it because it would be cooler that way and it's rain gear, that's what I did last year because you get wet anyway, from the sweat or rain. :) 
I don't really know how well you'll be able to see it, but this is a picture of the people filming that tv show yesterday. :) Haha it was pretty cool!