Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Emails 4/25/16

I'm glad Aunt Amy is doing well. I was worried and praying for her a lot this week. 

Ok, this week was pretty good. :) Here's my letter to President this week. :) 

This last week was pretty great! I feel like the work has been getting better and better every week. Elder Grisenti and I on the first week made it one of our goals to hit mission standards each week. While that hasn't happened yet, we have seen miracles from striving to hit mission standards. We have found a lot of people to teach last week and our amount of lessons are increasing. I am happy with what we've been doing here, but I wish we had more time. I would love to stay here longer and I hope that I get to stay here longer, because I am loving the people in the area as well as the area. 

Last week I read in Mosiah 29 and found some really cool stuff in there. I was thinking about the Plan of Salvation as I read it, and realized that the Grand Council in Heaven might have been a lot like what things were like when Mosiah was presenting his plan to the people, addressing choice and freedom in this life, and that we rejoiced at the Plan. I especially liked Mosiah 29:40. I think that is how we felt about Jesus when the Plan of Salvation was presented to us. If we change Mosiah's name to Jesus' name, I think it fits in well. 
I am loving Heng Chun and Elder Grisenti so much! I'm glad I can be here and learn and serve others here!
Also, I told President about getting filmed last week and he said: 
You are TV stars. Wow! Love you!
Haha :) 

So, it was pretty cool, we have been trying to hit mission standards, but we haven't hit all of them at once yet, but we have seen miracles from trying! It's been super cool! 

Well, Monday we went and played with investigator friends. :) They're technically former investigators, but they love missionaries and take us out to do fun things a lot. :) Monday we went to see some Buddhist temples, saw the beach where Life of Pi was filmed, and then went to a chi dao bao (buffet) :D Woohoo! It was a pretty fun Pday. :) 

That night we met with Bob, our investigator. He's good, and needs to get baptized because he's super solid, he just doesn't know it! :) 

Tuesday was good. Normal Tuesday it felt like, until night time. We had set up to meet with a potential investigator, who gave us a referral (her husband), and took us out to eat dinner (we had already eaten dinner, but I didn't mind second dinner!) :D It was super good, too! :D She seemed a little eccentric and it was apparent by her house that she had lots of money. :o Like, LOTS of money. Cool. :) 

Wednesday was good. We had English class, met with a new investigator named Harrison. We found him through English class, which was pretty cool. We talked about baptism with him and he might have potential to get baptized! Woohoo! :D The only bummer is we'd have to refer him up to Ping Dong, because he usually isn't here on the weekend. Oh well, team Jesus. :) 

Thursday was super intense! We went to a secondary over the mountains in the heat of the day (it was the only time we were able to go) to visit a couple LA's and a former investigator. In the end, they all weren't home, except for one LA. :/ It was nice to meet with him though, and he came to church yesterday, so that was good! Then that night we had to go to another secondary area about as far away, but the other direction and also up some considerable hills. Thankfully when we visited them, it was night time and a little cooler, though. :) They were pretty cool and we set up with them again to meet! So we were able to get 4 new investigators this week! :D 

Friday was about standard. Weekly planning, singing to ama's, and lessons falling through. :) It's ok about the lessons falling through though, it happens. :) 

Saturday was good. We met with our investigator, Brother Wu. He's a good guy, and we were able to make some progress with him this week! I think it was the most progress we were able to make with him! We talked about not procrastinating repentance. At first he said he wasn't but then he admitted he was. :) It was actually a pretty spiritual lesson, and at the end, we gave him a Priesthood blessing to quit smoking and to have the strength to do so. It was pretty cool. :) 

Then on Sunday, I gave a talk. :) We didn't have the investigators there I wanted to be there becasue I wanted them to hear it, but we did have a couple LA members show up to church, so that was really cool! I talked about righteous living and the commandments and how sometimes commandments aren't convenient to obey, but that they protect us. I also read through most of the questions Alma asks in Alma 5, because those are good at calling people to repentance. :) 

Anyway, it went well, and I think that's about all that happened this week. :) We are thinking of going to the aquarium today. That should be pretty fun. :) I'll send pictures from last week in a few minutes. :) I love you guys so much and I hope you all had a great week!! I pray for you all through out the day!   I love and miss you and I'm excited to Skype soon! :D Woohoo! :)
Elder Fleming