Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, April 4, 2016

Emails 4/4/16

Hello everyone! :) Love you guys and I'm super glad to hear that you're all doing well! :D 

First of all, happy birthday Nicole!!!! You're super old now. ;) 

Let's see, this week seemed more of the same. 
Monday we cleaned, then we got burgers at a good burger place around here. On Tuesday... I can't really remember what happened on Tuesday and I don't have last transfer's planner on me, so I can't look it up. :/ It was probably pretty good. :) Lately, there have been a ton of people here for spring break. It's pretty nuts. :o It's as busy as it was during the second half of Chinese New Year. :o 

Wednesday, we had English and four times a year we have an "English party" where we play a game or something at the end of English. We got $2,000NT ($60US) to spend on it. So we bought a ton of candy and played Uno. :) the students ended up not eating a whole lot of candy, so we just got to hold on to it. :) Woohoo! :D 

Thursday was good. We met with Bob. He seems to be doing better and hopefully he will be able to get baptized soon. He seems to be pretty solid. 

Friday we went to Manzhou to visit our LA, Zhang Jie Mei. She's pretty awesome. :) 

Saturday was pretty good, too. 

Then Sunday came and it went well. We had a member who really likes farming talk for about an hour about it, and about how tomatoes are really good to grow here in Taiwan. :) "I was bored" (That's my Nicole quote) ;) It was really funny, and I was amazed that he could talk for so long about growing things! :o 

Elder Hanna moved. He's in TaiNan in a place called Yong Kang. It's a good place; right next to where I was before I came here. :) My new companion is Elder Grisenti. I am pretty sure that's how it's spelled. He seems pretty cool and excited to be here! :) He's from Saint George. If you have other questions about him let me know, because I'll know him better then. :) Also, the week was pretty good. :) I'll miss Elder Hanna; it was fun, but it's going to be pretty fun with Elder Grisenti. :) 

Anyway, that was my week. :) We woke up at 4:30am to get to the bus to get to the train station that is about 2 hours away on time. I'll probably get tired tomorrow. :o Also, interviews and ztm are coming up! :D ztm is on Wednesday, so that will be pretty awesome. :) 

I hope Saint George is fun! :D You can say hi to Elder Grisenti's family for me! ;) 

That's awesome that Grandpa is coming out for Nicole's graduation! That will be really fun! 

Also that's super awesome that RSL won!! I'm really "Glad" that Justin was there. ;) (haha, get it?) ;) 

I'm also super excited to see general conference this week!!! :D 

Well, I love you all so much! I miss you and you're always in my prayers. :) Love you! 

Elder Fleming