Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, May 16, 2016

Emails 05/16/16

I'm in Gao Xiong with Elder Ward, now. :) It should be pretty fun. :) 

Well, this week was good. Monday, we met with Bob. He's awesome (I think I told you about his lesson last week where he got his answer). He now has a baptismal goal again for June 18th! Thanks for your prayers!! :D It helped him a lot! :) But Monday we met with him.

Tuesday, we had DTM, and visited people. I have a new planner and I forgot a lot of what happened last week... :/ But Tuesday was good. :) Wednesday was normal, I think. We had English class and our member, brother Shen came. I don't know if I've told you about him. He's pretty funny. :) He is deaf and a little special. He's a sweet guy, but he takes a little patience sometimes. He came to English, and I think for the first time in a while, we had a pretty good English class! :D We were also able to set up to meet with one of our English students on Saturday! :D Thursday I can't remember what happened... :/

Friday I sang to the ama's one last time. :) I'll send pictures in a minute. :) I'll miss singing to them every week. :/ Saturday, we met with our English student. Since she's a female, we have to have a male member accompany the lesson. We asked the Huang family (the mom's awesome and her daughter, Lisa just got back from her mission in Taibei. She's an awesome peike--"peike" means "member at a lesson") There is a male in the family around 17, who we thought was going to come with them because we told them that we needed him, but I guess there was a miscommunication and he didn't come. :o So it was my companion and I and 4 females at the church. We started calling our 3 other males in the branch and none of them answered. We were super stressed and scared that we would have to cancel the lesson and we just felt super awkward. We have permission in Heng Chun that we can meet with females if we meet in public, and Sister Huang knew that, so she saved the lesson by asking if we all wanted to go get ice cream together. I was soooo grateful that she saved us!! :D We got ice cream and ended up having a really good lesson. I thought that the coolest part was that even though we were stressed out, we turned to bearing our testimony. I thought that it was awesome that when we didn't know what to do during the lesson we just testified. I was also amazed that we were able to teach in unity. :) It was a huge miracle! :) Also, our English student brought a friend, so that was really cool, too!

Saturday night, we visited an LA member who is about to be rescued (she has a calling and just needs to come to church one more time!) Can you help me pray for her? :) Her name is Sister Li (or Stella). :) They're such a great family. :)

Sunday was interesting; we had a broadcast, so I wasn't able to announce that I was leaving, so I just told the members afterwards. I'll miss them!

Here is my email to President: :)

I am so glad I had the opportunity to serve in Heng Chun! When I was first called to go there, I was a little hesitant to go, but it became one of my favorite areas. I really enjoyed serving with Elder Grisenti, and I learned so much from him! I learned a lot from him and we had a great transfer.

I feel like last transfer was the "ideal transfer" for me. I was able to set goals with my companion and we worked hard to hit them. We hit many of our goals, and even though we didn't hit all our goals, we were still able to work hard and see miracles from our efforts. I feel peace leaving Heng Chun knowing that I did my best and that I worked hard through out the transfer. I was able to get to know Elder Grisenti and come to know him and love him during the transfer. I want to thank you for assigning me to serve in Heng Chun!

I plan to have another "ideal transfer" here with Elder Ward. It is always cool to start something new, because I feel like when we do, we have to rely very much on our faith, because we are still developing the skills. I think that when we are in situations where we have to rely more on our faith, we are able to see miracles, and I am excited to try hard and work with Elder Ward!

Anyway, I love you and I pray for you all the time. :)

Elder Fleming

A couple of my favorite people in HengChun--Brother Ding and Brother Shen. :) So many good memories... :)
Elder Grisenti, Monica and Tiffany, and my son (Elder Anderson) is on the news! :D