Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, May 2, 2016

Emails 5/2/16

I'm glad to hear RSL won this week! Woohoo! :D How are they doing so far this season? Do you think they'll make it to the playoffs? :D I hope so! Mom would be really excited. :)  

I'm glad Grandma Carter is doing well. :) She emailed me last week, which was pretty cool. :) 

This week was awesome!! We saw some awesome miracles this week! :D So, I'll start with Monday.

Monday we went to the aquarium, which was super fun, like the first time I went. It was way more expensive than I thought it would be though--$450NT! :o ($15US) For a missionary it was pretty expensive, but worth it. :) Elder Grisenti and I had a great time. :) Also, my trainer, Elder (he's Tyler now) Bak came and visited!! :D It was super awesome!! he's here for a week or so, and he came to where I am to hang out and since I was here, he stopped by to say hi. :)  We met up at night, taught his host family (he was a foreign exchange student before the mission) the 1st lesson (they're members), and it was awesome! It was just like the good old days! :D He even had Joseph Smith's first vision still memorized in Chinese! :o Then we met with Bob at 8 and our Branch President came for that lesson. It wasn't too great, because the branch president wouldn't let anyone talk and just went off for about an hour, but it was nice for Bob to get to know a member who was a dude. :) 

Tuesday, we ate lunch with Elder Bak, which was super great! We got lunch and I got to talk to him for a while. The food took a while to cook, which made us late for DTM, but it was nice to have that time to talk with Elder Bak. :) Tuesday night we met with our RC Tiffany and her investigator mom, Monica. They're doing pretty well. :) Something Elder Bak said that stuck with me this whole week was that this last year is where so many miracles will happen, and if you give all of yourself to the Lord, you will see SO many blessings from it. So, it kind of made me want to re-dedicate myself to the Lord and to the work and go super hard for the rest of my mission. (I wanted to anyway, but it got me extra pumped to do it) :) 

Wednesday was good. Lots of contacting in the day with a busy night. Right before English class at 7, we scheduled to meet with an investigator at 6:30, and at 6 had to give a baby a blessing and pick up some pictures from a print shop. It was busy and a little stressful, but thanks to the Lord, we were able to do it all and it all went pretty well. :) 

Thursday was pretty good. We went to our secondary area in Manzhou again. It's really pretty there. Our LA's weren't there, but we got an other lesson with a guy we met in his house who may or may not have been a former investigator. We still aren't really sure if he's a former or not... 

Friday was good. Weekly planning, lunch with an LA, and singing to the ama's. :) They were PUMPED on Friday! They must've had some sugar for lunch or something! It was super funny! :) Usually one of us sings while the other one claps and walks around the room. The ama's got into it on Friday! :) One of them stood up out of her wheelchair to cheer for Elder Grisenti after he sang, another one clapped super fast and excitedly and made me laugh mid-song, and one kept trying to give us tea. Other ama's told us not to drink it. What was in that tea?? :o The workers tried to tie her wheelchair up to the banister so she wouldn't be able to come up to us to give us the tea stuff, but then she untied the knot and came back anyway. :) So that was pretty funny. :) 

Friday night we visited a family that we have met with once before. They're formers, but we don't know why. They're investigators, now. We got there and he wasn't able to meet with us because he had to go somewhere, but referred us to his neighbor who is related to him and knocked on his door for us! :o He ended up being really cool and met with him and he invited us back! :D Super cool, so we found another family we can teach! 
Saturday went well. Lots of extra time and we met with Brother Wu, an investigator. He's the one who smokes. We had a good lesson with him last week and he's been doing better with smoking, which is good. He brought his daughter's friend to church on Sunday, too so that was super awesome! :D 

Sunday went well and church was great! :D We had miracle investigators come--Brother Wu (he comes every week), Monica (she comes usually) and our LA, sister Li came and she brought her investigator husband. Her husband's super cool; he is a soldier and usually isn't home, but he was able to come yesterday and Sister Li is SUPER close to being rescued! :D She has a calling, which is super awesome! :D 

The first week Elder Grisenti was here was really slow and we hardly had any lessons, but since then, our weeks have been getting better and better and it's super cool, because it feels like the work is getting better and better here. :) It's a huge miracle. When Elder Grisenti first got here, we set our companionship vision goals and plans and one of them was to hit mission standards weekly, and while we haven't hit all standards weekly yet, we have seen some AMAZING miracles from it! :D It's super cool! This last week, we hit or almost hit all of our weekly goals, which is super awesome! It's been going really well. :) 

Yeah, the work's been going great these last few weeks! :D Yay, dedicating yourself to the Lord and good companionship unity! :D

Well I love you guys and hope that you had a great week as well! I love you lots! :D 

Elder Fleming

Sweet thingy and other stuff I forgot what pictures they were, probably Manzhou, one of our secondary areas. 
Aquarium :) 
Twinner shirts, ELDER BAK!! Elder Grisenti's Jesus collage. :)