Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, May 9, 2016

Emails 5/9/16

It was nice to see and talk to you, too. :) I love you lots! I am glad I got to Skype you today. :)  It wasn't too hard to say goodbye, thankfully, and that might be the last time we do that on Skype! :o 

Ok this is the weekly email. :) I'm going to try to be fast and summarize this week. :) 

Monday was good. Bought some stuff. I'll send a picture later. :) Met with Bob. He's doing alright. 

Tuesday was pretty good. We went to Ping Dong (2.5 hours by bus) for monthly zone training meeting. Afterwards, we did exchanges with the zone leaders. We went and proselyted in their area that night and the following day to learn from each other and stuff. That was fun. Wednesday afternoon we came back because we have English class at night. I was worried that exchanges would hurt our numbers pretty bad for finding and lessons, but in the end, we saw some miracles and everything worked out pretty well. :) We had English class. I don't know if I've told you guys about Brother Shen yet... :) he's funny. :) 

Thursday we had some lessons, met with an investigator, Dean. That was good. :) 

Friday was pretty busy. Weekly planning and we had a couple lessons set up as well so we had to work around that, then our time for our lesson ended up getting changed on us last minute, but we were still able to meet with them, which was good. That was the super cool miracle 93-year-old and his son that we met with. :) So they became new investigators and then we met with an LA member for dinner. Then we visited Monica, another investigator. She's doing alright, but we have to help her with her faith. 

Saturday was pretty good. We visited and investigator, stopped by this rice thing to look at it on our way to another lesson, so we didn't have long, but then some people wanted us to model for them! Haha it was funny and really random! :) But we modeled for them in front of this rice field and they took pictures of us. I'm not sure what it was for; they didn't tell us... :) 

Sunday was good. Our RC was at church with her investigator mom, we got another investigator at church as well, and apparently this white guy came and visited and he was a previous mission president's son! :o That was pretty cool. :) He was super cool. :) Yeah, that's about it for the week. :) 

I love you lots and I hope you get to see some miracles this week, too! :D

Elder Fleming

New shoes I bought last week from our branch president, Elder Bak visited (maybe you already have those pictures...), rice field where people asked us to model for them, and last night's curry rice dinner. :)