Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, August 15, 2016

8/15/16 Emails

Alright, it was a great week!
That's it, love you guys!

Just kidding. :) It was a great week, though! Start of a new transfer, so I have a new companion, also shou tout to Elder Ward for finishing his mission and surviving me as his last companion! :) 

I have a new companion now, Elder Musgrave. He's great! We had a pretty good week. Monday was spent at the train station waiting for new missionaries to come in so we could welcome them into the zone, then we helped the sisters out who are new to the area find their way around and got them some bikes to ride for the next day or two until their normal bikes come in the mail. 

Tuesday was pretty standard. We had a meeting in a neighboring area, DTM, which was good. We learned how to be better missionaries. :) I was able to see one of my previous companions, Elder Grisenti, who's awesome! I'm super excited we're in the same district together! :D 

We had a lesson set up after DTM, but he ended up not being able to come because his family doesn't want him to meet with missionaries. Bummer. So we just contacted people. Taiwan is an amazing place. Also, it's pretty cool because there are tons of people out on the streets you can just start talking to. It's pretty great! But yeah, we just contacted people all day on Tuesday. :) 

Wednesday we met with a less-active member and our Bishop. That was pretty good. Afterwards, we contacted some more. Also it rained very suddenly which sometimes happens here. So we contacted people in the pouring rain, which was pretty fun. :) Wednesday night we had English class. That's always pretty fun. :) There weren't a lot of people there, which might have been because of the rain... 

Thursday, we met with our recent convert, Brother Peng and his friends. He's doing awesome! :D At night, we met with the stake presidency and give a report or presentation, which I should've clarified what they wanted us to do, because I wasn't sure what I presented was what they were expecting.... :/ Good to know for the future. :) 

Friday was pretty standard. Weekly planning. Some lessons fell through, so we hit the streets and talked to more people. It was nuts, because this week we did a lot of talking to people, but as we tried hard, the time went by really fast, which is good, but also the time went too fast! :o 

Anyway, Saturday we had to go to another area in Qi Shan to do a baptismal interview for the missionaries out there, so we spent a large portion of golden Saturday finding time in Qi Shan. We did have a miracle lesson that night from someone we had contacted earlier that week who said they wanted to meet with us so that was pretty cool. :) 

Sunday was good and sacrament was a highlight of the week, as always. I love being able to take the sacrament and know I can be forgiven of all of the things I did wrong and the mistakes I made that week. It's great! 
Sunday night we were on the roads again contacting people. :) Good week. :) 

Anyway, I love you all and I'm praying for you! 

Here's my letter to President Teh today:

Dear President, 
It was a good first week of the new transfer and with a new companion. Elder Musgrave is doing well and seems to be excited to be here. He is very willing to work and seems to be adjusting well. I am glad I get to work with him these coming weeks. I hope I can be the kind of companion for him that Elder Ward was for me. He worked hard, and pushed us both and we saw many miracles together. I hope I can do the same. 

This week when I was in studies, I read Helaman 8:15. The word "look" stood out to me. I had never really studied the word "look" in the scriptures before, so I looked up some scriptures that also use the word "look." I thought about Lot and his wife, as well as a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that stress the importance of looking towards the Lord, and not looking back when the Lord tells you to. If you're looking in a direction, you'll probably end up there. In Mosiah, when King Benjamin addresses his people, they pitch their tents towards the temple. Shortly after, they all end up there making covenants with the Lord. In the Old Testament, (I forgot who) but they pitch their tent towards Sodom. Shortly after, that's where they are. If we are constantly looking towards the Lord, that's the direction we will head. If we keep His commandments, have faith and follow Him, we will be able to endure to the end, we won't have as many distractions and we will end up with the Lord. 

This week, we spent a lot of time contacting. We tried very hard to get some new investigators, because we need to find some new investigators with real intent right now. We had found some promising people, but no one had set up with us, despite our efforts. On Saturday, I was a little worried. We had tried our hardest through out the week and had been diligent in finding, but so far, we hadn't had anyone who had set up to meet, or if they had, they didn't show up. During dinner on Saturday, a person called us up and told us they were at the church and were wondering if we could meet with them. I was shocked. We ended dinner early and met with them right away and shared about the Gospel with them. We were able to set up another time to meet with them, which was a great miracle! Sometimes, the Lord does what we think is impossible to increase our faith in Him. I like the quote "There is a power that causes things to happen that need to happen." In the Lord's infinite mercy, He allows us to participate in His work, to allow us to learn and experience the joy of helping others, when really the work is all in His hands. What an amazing miracle!
Elder Fleming