Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, August 29, 2016

Emails 8/29/16

Sending this to you because I think I look pretty good in this picture ;)
Also because I didn't take any this week, it was Elder Booth that took it. :)
Also it's so you can see Elder Booth. :)

 It must be fun to have the cousins close by, even if you probably don't see them too much. :) I'm excited to have them around when I get back, because maybe we can do fun things together every once in a while. :) 

Ok, this week was pretty busy, but really good!

On Monday, we played basketball with a couple members and Elder Grisenti (one of my previous companions) and Elder Neuhaus. That was really fun! Then, Monday night we spent some time contacting, then went to a member's house for family home evening. That was pretty fun! I really like visiting members, it's one of my favorite things about being on a mission. They are always so nice and really fun!

Tuesday morning we went to ZuoYing for district training meeting (we have it there every week), and afterwards we went on exchanges with the Elders over there. I went with Elder Neuhaus. It was super fun! :D

Wednesday we had a miracle lesson in the morning! The other Elders had an investigator that told us she was sick and couldn't make her 2pm appointment and it sounded like she didn't want to meet with them anymore. 5 minutes later she called us again, telling us she was at the church and asked if we could meet with her. So that was cool. We did that. Afterwards, we came back to SanMin, and I went with Elder Musgrave again. Then we contacted all afternoon. We had English meeting that night and met with a couple of investigators, which was good. :)

Thursday we spent about the whole day outside contacting. The miracle was that we both just went out in an excited attitude to talk with everyone and we did and it went great! We met some cool people that day who will hopefully have time to meet with us! We also met with a family, which was pretty cool!

Friday, we went up to Taizhong to exchange with the assisstants. That was pretty great, too! I got to go with Elder Booth, the Austrailian who was in my MTC district with me. That was super fun to work with him again and see how far he's come as well as the changes I've made, too!

Saturday, we missed our train back to GaoXiong, so we were really late to our appointmet, which was a bummer. Then the ward had an activity which we went to for just a little bit to introduce our investigator to some members so we could get back out on the streets contacting more people!

Then Sunday came. I was so tired on Sunday! :o I had to take a power nap during dinner time! :o It's great to work super hard! Anyway, that's about all for the week. :) It's been great and I'm loving every minute of it!! :D

Here's my letter to President Teh this week: :)

Working here in San Min is going really well. The people here have been very nice, possibly nicer than my other areas. I am so grateful to be among these wonderful people. I also thought about what you said when you first got here about how these people were so good. I was thinking about it lately and they really are. I have been trying to develop charity and love in particular these last few weeks and when I go into a lesson or a contact with that attitude and that love, it makes all the difference in the world. I have had plenty of contacts--to many actually, where I go into the contact almost robotically. It's a lot like what Moroni says in Moroni 7, if you don't have charity, you have nothing.

The miracle we saw this week was that as we were contacting, going to a place to make calls, I rode past a dark alley and saw a man standing there. I rode by, but felt impressed to talk with him. I immediately turned around and started a conversation with him. He lives really close to our church and was really interested. About a minute later, his wife and baby showed up, and they agreed to meet with us this week. They met with us twice, came to a ward activity, and then the wife came to church yesterday! Hopefully we can keep meeting with this amazing family! Another quick miracle was Elder Musgrave was being very diligent in asking everyone for referrals. I admired his diligence, but questioned the effectiveness of it. Later that night, we got a text saying we had received a referral. I fully believe it was because Elder Musgrave was showing his faith and diligence in asking for referrals.

Elder Fleming