Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, August 1, 2016

Emails 8/1/16

Well, I have pictures, but the camera is having a hard time connecting to the computer..... :( I'll try to figure it out in a bit or get them to you next week... :/

Woohoo!! RSL won!! :D 

That's so cool that Tyler is coming home this week! :)

When I come home, I am going to make it a goal to go to the temple at least once a week. It's amazing how much the devil doesn't want us to do those things that are so important. Reading and praying every day, church every Sunday and going to the temple frequently. It's amazing sometimes to me how hard he tries to keep us from doing those things.

My companion is doing really well. :) He's still completely focused on the work--just like how I want to be on my last week. :) He talked about some really awesome stuff about consecration with me. He said that it requires discernment. When you're at work, you're at work. When you're with your family, you're with your family. You need to focus on those tasks and be all in to whatever task you're working on. It was awesome to learn! Right now, it's time to work and serve the Lord with all our heart might mind and strength. I hope I can be like him when I'm about to go home. It would be so difficult to be with a companion right before he went home who was super distracted! :o

Monday: Pday. We went and got dental visit check-up things. It was weird. I felt all grown up doing grown up things. :) Thankfully, I didn't have any cavities! Because of the health care program here, the checkup was only 100NT. ($3US)! :D Sweet! Afterwards, we played basketball, then night time was proselyting! We contacted (talked with people on the streets) and had a lesson with an awesome older fellow, Mr. Zhang. He's pretty great. He's the one that came to the baptism the other day.

Tuesday, Tuesday we tried to fill with lessons, because we were busy the rest of the week. We met with Brother Peng, who's doing great!

Wednesday was pretty good too, had English class. Good stuff. :) We did a push-up metaphor for Christ's Atonement. The class got candy and I did push ups for them, whether they got candy or not. We talked about the Atonement and how Christ has already Atoned for all of us, we just have to accept Him and we can receive blessings.

Thursday, we went up to Tai Zhong to exchange with the assistants. It went pretty well and had a miracle lesson with a family that had come to English class. :)

Friday we came back, then set up for the activity that we had to be at the church all night Friday and all day Saturday for. There was a big exhibit for the 60th anniversary of the Church in Taiwan. We had a room that covered missionaries and missionary life and gave people tours. It was pretty cool! :D ... I think I forgot to take pictures of our room, though.... :( We had a day's schedule written on the board, cardboard cutouts of missionaries on bikes so people could take pictures and put their faces in them. We had a cool video (although by the end I was pretty tired of seeing it because we watched it a million times) ;) and then had the baptismal font doors open so people could see that. It was pretty cool!

Saturday we spent the whole day there. It was pretty fun to be inside the church and just hang out all day, but at the same time, I'd go crazy if I had to to that my whole mission. It's go great to be out and talking to people and riding around town! :) Saturday night, we baptized Brother Peng!! :D He's SUPER solid!! :D He also brought his mom, so that was pretty awesome! :D

Sunday was good. Meetings, church, more meetings, then contacting people at night. :)

Love you all and hope you had a great week!

Elder Fleming