Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, August 22, 2016

Emails 8/22/16

Ok, another good week in GaoXiong! :D

Monday we went to the Gaoxiong 85, a super huge tower in Taiwan! That was super fun! I went with my son, Elder Anderson! He's doing great! Then Tuesday we went on exchanges with them! Woohoo! He's doing sooo well and it was awesome to see that my trainee is doing way better than I am!! :D I'm so proud of him! We met with a 60year old man, who is pretty awesome. His name is Brother Zhang.
Wednesday was pretty good. The miracle came at English class, where we were finally able to set up a time to meet with an English student that I've been trying to meet with since I first got here. He's great and I love him in a brotherly-way, so it was great to set up a time to share more about the Gospel with him.

Thursday we had to go up to Taizhong for another meeting. The trains cost sooo much money! :o We are going up this week again as well! :o The meeting was great! There was a member from the 70 and it was like a mini-mission tour because President Teh is a new mission president. That was great, but we didn't get out of the meeting until 6:30, had to get our phone fixed for an hour (because it rained hard and the phone was in my pocket and then it broke) so we didn't get to the train station until almost 8, and fortunately there was a train that left right after we got there, and then took a 2 1/2 hour train ride back to GaoXiong. :o

Friday was pretty good. We had weekly planning, met with an investigator, and that's probably about it for Friday.

Saturday we met with our investigator from English class. We had a good lesson, expressed our love for him, which he felt, and invited him to be baptized and he was so excited to set a goal! It was a huge miracle!! He was the most excited person to set a goal I've ever invited to be baptized before! It was great!

Sunday we had 2 new investigators for the week and mission standards and our goal was to have 3. It was Sunday night, and we decided to go out and try to sit down with someone and get our last new investigator, which we were able to do in that last little bit of time in the week! Huge miracles and things are great! :D Sorry I don't have more time. I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

My email to President:

Dear President,
It's been another good week in San Min. I am also glad to be working with Elder Musgrave. I feel we have been able to work hard as well as enjoy our time together. He is a hardworking missionary and I'm glad I can be working with him here. I hope that I am doing everything I can to continue to stretch myself to become a better missionary. I don't want to slow down or get into a comfort zone, especially now. I think Heavenly Father gives us trials on a mission so often to keep us growing and to help keep us out of our comfort zone and to rely more on Him.

This week's miracles were on Saturday and on Sunday. Really, we had miracles all through out the week, but a couple big ones I want to mention were on Saturday and Sunday. After English class last week, I was finally able to set up with an English student that we've been trying to set up with since I first got to this area. He is a really great person but hadn't set up with us until last week. I have come to care about him a lot as we have gone through English class. We met with him on Saturday, set some expectations, and lovingly invited him to be baptized. He felt this love we had towards him and he understood that we wanted him to receive this blessing because we loved him and we knew it would help him. He was so happy to get baptized. I thought of the people in Mosiah 18, who "clapped their hands for joy" when they were invited to baptism! It was amazing, I don't think I've ever had an investigator this excited to be baptized.

On Sunday, we were at two new investigators for the week, and needed one more to hit mission standards for finding. It was about 7 or 7:30 and we needed an other lesson with someone. We didn't have anyone set up to meet with us that night, but we went to a nearby 7-11 and sat down with someone there who agreed to meet with us next week! I was really grateful we were able to hit that goal, and it was a great lesson to be diligent and use every minute wisely, whether it is during the week, or in the last couple hours of the week.

I am still trying to work as hard as I can to be all in all the time!

Elder Fleming

My (sort of) new companion, Elder Musgrave
Elder Anderson and I on exchanges and a giant picture of Taiwan with my areas I've been in where I'm pointing to them. :) 

Elder Anderson and Elder Fleming