Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, September 19, 2016

Emails 9/19/16

So, I'm in JiaYi now! :) It's pretty cool. I'm training Elder Chen, who's from Taipei on my last two transfers :o I didn't know if you knew that or not, but I figured I should probably let you know. 

Sorry not much time left. :/ Here's my email to President and a picture. :) 

Dear President,
What an eventful week! There were so many surprises this week, I don't know where to begin. I appreciated your emails to the mission this week. I felt some of it was specifically for me. There was a lot of stress this week when you called me and told me I would be training. More stress as I realized I would be "whitewash" training, both of us would be new to the area and wouldn't have any investigators to work with. I haven't done that since I was trained myself at the beginning of my mission. I remember it was pretty xin ku (difficult). Despite the stress, and a little bit because of the stress, it was a pretty good week! I'll miss Elder Musgrave and GaoXiong, but I'm excited to work here in JiaYi with Elder Chen. So far, he's been doing really well, despite getting up early every day. 

This week I learned a lot in the Book of Mormon. I focus every time I see the word "Remember" in a verse and I try to think about it. It is important to remember our experiences, especially our spiritual experiences. I also liked in 2 Nephi, I think it was chapter 10, Nephi states that "all the Lord's promises are fulfilled." I have also been making a list of verses with covenants and promises the Lord makes with us and with His people in the Book of Mormon, and looking back through it, I discovered that every one of His promises was fulfilled. 
This week, we were able to spend plenty of time practicing contacting. I think the biggest miracles I saw were Elder Chen's attitude and willingness to work, and his diligence in talking with others. I've learned a lot from him already and I am excited to continue to learn from him and learn with him.

Oh yeah, also Elder Anderson's training!! :D I have two trainees and my trainee now has a trainee!! :D Super cool!! 

Elder Fleming