Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, September 12, 2016

Emails 9/12/16

Ok, not much time, so this one will probably be short. 

We finished week 5 of the transfer just now, so we are on our last week of the transfer. :o It went by sooo fast!! :o We'll see what happens next week if I stay here or leave. I'm guessing I'll leave, but I've been wrong about this stuff before... I'd be ok either way. It's a great area, but if the Lord needs me somewhere else, I'm willing to leave. 

Monday we rested, played some board games--Elder Musgrave has Settlers of Catan!! :D So we played that a bunch! :) Afterwards, we contacted, then visited an active member family. I love visiting with the members here, it's one of my favorite things to do! :) 

Tuesday was ztm! :D That was pretty fun! It's always a great boost to learn with and from the zone there! Afterwards, we went on exchanges with the Elders from Qi Shan, which went pretty well. They seem like they're doing great! 

Wednesday we had English class, and between the rain and school starting, we had 3 people show up (we usually have between 14 and 20). :o We didn't know what to do at first! But we survived it, thankfully. :)

Thursday we had to go to zuo ying for a baptismal interview. That went well and he passed! He should be ready for baptism! :D Then, we contacted a lot that day. It was a little difficult for some reason these past couple weeks to contact people (mostly because of the rain) because there was a lot of rejection. It's all good, it's part of the work, we just invite. 

Friday went well, weekly planning then a couple of potential investigators ditched out on the lessons. Bummer. 

Saturday was contacting the whole day. It actually went pretty well!! :D We saw some cool miracles--the rain stopped, for one, thankfully! So that was good to see some things happening! 

Then yesterday was great! Church was really good, and I felt like I recieved a lot of revelation there, which was awesome, and not something I feel like usually happens at church for me, especially in a foreign language, so that was great! 

That's about it. Love you guys!! 

Email to President:

Dear President,
Another great week has gone by in San Min. It has been great to learn from and with Elder Musgrave. He has a very willing attitude about everything, which is something I really appreciate. On Saturday, we didn't have any lessons set up, and decided we would be out contacting on the streets all day. As we were making the plan, I was cringing on the inside a little bit because it was a lot of time where we would just be out on the roads in the heat talking to people. But Elder Musgrave seemed completely calm about it. I was very impressed. I want to learn from that trait and be better and have more faith when I look at opportunities like that. It helped me to think more about the benefits to contacting all day on the streets.

This last week, I started the Book of Mormon over again. I am looking for all the times it mentions "remembrance" and I am trying to keep track of all the covenants the Lord makes with us and with the people in the Book of Mormon. In 1 Nephi 13: 23, it states that the Book of Mormon is full of covenants the Lord makes and has made with us. I have been thinking about the covenants we have already made and the covenants we have yet to make and pondering their importance. I realized that both at baptism and in the temple we covenant with the Lord to stand as witnesses of Christ and to share the Gospel with others. It really hit me as I read 1 Nephi 13:37 the importance of the covenants we make with Christ and what it means to me. I need to make sure I am doing all in my power to be constantly inviting others to come unto Christ.

Elder Fleming

Playing Catan
Cheese fried rice!! 8) So good!
Elder Musgrave and I at the cheesy fried rice place :)