Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Emails 9/5/16

Hello all! I hope everyone had a great week! 

This week was pretty good.

Monday, we went to a buffet, and it started pouring rain about 7 minutes before we got there, so when we got there we were drenched! :o It was fun though, and we ate good food. :) My poor wallet took a hit, though... :) 
Afterwards, we met with a potential investigator, who didn't have any interest in the Gospel, which was a bummer. 

Tuesday, we went to Zuo Ying, about a 25 minute bike ride away to go to district meeting. It was good. I realized I needed to be working a lot harder than I was and to keep stretching myself. I am worried I am in "the comfort zone" and am not actively pushing myself to improve. I need to work on my motivation to push myself and to do better. We went on exchanges with other missionaries on Tuesday which was pretty fun! We had a couple lessons with investigators and then went home for the night. 

Wednesday, we exchanged back, so I was with Elder Musgrave again, and contacted people for a while. Wednesday night was English class. That was pretty fun. I like English class.

Thursday we planned for the next week because we had a meeting on Friday. We also had a bunch of lessons fall through. Well, it's happened a lot this week in general... :/ 

Friday was our meeting. That was pretty cool. It was a good Spiritual boost. Also, it poured rain this last week! :o Holy cow! 

Saturday, we contacted all day. It was alright, but lots of rejection. At least it didn't rain on Saturday, too! :) 
Sunday was pretty good. Church is always great! 

Yeah, that's about it, I think. :) I can't believe that there are already only a couple weeks left this transfer! :o 

Here's my letter to President: 

Dear President, 
As another week passed by, I started to think about whether or not I was completely focused on my missionary purpose the entire time. My last companion, Elder Ward, had a phrase, "all in," which means we are giving it our all to the work. I thought back on this previous week, and realized I wasn't "all in" all the time. There were a few moments in the week where I wasn't entirely focused on what I needed to be doing. While I was physically there in the work, my head and heart wasn't there the entire time. I thought of things I need to improve on and do differently this week to be a more effective messenger and advocate of truth. This week I will be "all in." 
This week I studied a lot in Preach My Gospel chapter 9 and chapter 6 in the charity and love section. I have been trying to ask for charity in every prayer. It seems to really make a difference, and when you have charity going into a contact, people react to that sincerity and it is a lot easier to talk with people. 
I am looking forward to this week and to work hard. I am glad it's a new week and Elder Musgrave and I can go out and work hard this week and be all in all the time!

Elder Fleming