Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Letter Dated 1-20-15

"I'm so glad to hear you are all doing well! :) ...I'm still not sleeping through the night, but I'm not too worried about it and I'm not usually exceptionally tired during the day, which is good :). My companion is from Las Vegas. my entire district is going to the Taichung Taiwan mission which is so cool, because I'll be able to see them at zone conferences and stuff!! "

"We had a devotional today because that's what we do on Tuesdays and M. Russell Ballard spoke. It was really cool and the Spirit was strong. :)"

"So last night was pretty intense and a little scary. My companion and I were writing and preparing for bed (It was around 10:35 or so), and we heard a commotion outside. Someone was running around, panicked, asking for a knife. Confused, my companion came out to see an Elder in a chair across the hall. there was a bunch of other Elders around him and some more standing around in the hall. Apparently, the Elder had taken the wrong dosage of insulin (he's diabetic), and needed help. Someone found a knife and he began cutting his leg to let the blood go because it's supposed to help reduce insulin levels that way. We called the paramedics by using the emergency phone in the hall. Then, we decided to give him a blessing. fortunately, one of the Elders knew how to do it. The Elder that needed the blessing looked right at me and asked me to participate in the blessing. There were about 10 or so Elders that laid our hands on his head, and we blessed him. The Spirit was so strong as we gave this Elder a blessing, and all I could think was: "Wow, how fortunate to have this many Elders, called of God with the authority and power and the willingness to do this very thing!" The other thought was that I really needed to memorize how to bless for the sick. It's in our "white Bible," so I've been trying to memorize it now. Right after we finished the blessing, the paramedics arrived. We went back to our rooms and said a prayer. We went back out a couple minutes later to see if the Elder or paramedics needed any help. They said if we could give him sugar it would help. We came back to our room and grabbed some candy and my companion grabbed some cans of soda from his stash. We took them back to him, and he drank them. I think he recreated the definition of "chugging!" He downed about 4 cans in under 30 seconds! Transportation to the hospital arrived shortly after and again, he looked right into my eyes and asked me to go with him. I got him to the vehicle and he went to the hospital with his companion."

"Crazy story, right?! it was scary, but also pretty cool, and the Spirit was so strong. He made it to the hospital and was ok. :) I guess he was scheduled to leave on his mission today and he even was able to leave today! Anyway, I am out of time, so I'll leave you with Moroni 8:3. :)"

 Fang Zhang lao" (Elder Fleming) :) "