Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 2 at the MTC

I loooove hearing from all of you so much!!! :D I look forward to reading letters and emails every day. I am glad to hear that things are going pretty well with all of you. :) I want you all to know that I love you so much! I am doing well here in the MTC still. We have been having problems getting visas to go to Taiwan apparently because of something going on with their government. Some of the Elders and Sisters that have been scheduled to leave now have been re-assigned for now until they can get their visas to Taiwan. Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon, because I want to go to Taiwan when I leave the MTC! I don't want my Chinese to slip and then have to go to Taiwan or anything. We sang the song "I'll go where you want me to go" the other day though, which really comforted me. Even if I do end up going somewhere else temporarily, I will be following the Lord and by being obedient and not complaining, he'll make up the rest and bless me. :) 

I am excited to see who wins the Superbowl! 

We had to get blood drawn for our visas on Tuesday! BLOOD DRAWN!!!!! :O Like, from out of our bodies!!! I freaked out and would have left, but I REALLY wanted to serve a mission. And that's how you know I'm dedicated to this ;) I think that the spirit kept me there, because my brain was screaming to run away and just go home! :) I prayed and really felt the spirit. there was also a poster on the wall saying something like, "Fear not, I am with thee" that really gave me comfort and peace. I was able to get my blood drawn and be ok. They needed three vials for testing our immunity before entering Taiwan. If our immunization count is too low, we need to get re-immunized. That would stress me out, but it would be ok. :) Thanks to the nurses who were good and the spirit, I didn't pass out or anything, although I did hyperventilate a little bit. :) They gave me gatorade and I was ok. :) I think that the Lord really wants me to go on this mission because he gave me strength to do that!! :) Also our investigator ended up being our teacher. I wrote a letter that should explain a little more about it. :) I figured he was a member, but I didn't guess he was one of our teachers (we have two apparently and he's the other one and we didn't know that we had 2 teachers). :) Anyway, I think my time's up and I have to go get my laundry.

I miss and worry about you guys every day. I pray for you all at least once a day :) I hope my emails aren't too confusing, I am trying to reply to all of them and stuff and I'm a little scatterbrained :) hopefully I get it down soon, though :) love you so much!!!! :D Also, Fang Zhang Lao: Fang= Fleming Zhang Lao= something like spiritual warrior (that's the literal translation, pretty cool, huh?) :) but it is Elder Fleming 
My companion taking naps.

Nerf gun Russian Roulette!!
My district on our Sunday temple walk.
Copy of "Bathroom Battleship" (for long visits to the bathroom :) )
Nap buddies :) After a long day of study.