Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 3ish...I'm losing track


It was so good to hear from all of you throughout the week and today with your emails! As always, I love hearing news and what's going on in your lives! 

I feel like this week has been fairly uneventful. It was pretty good, though. :) My district and I have been getting into idioms and laughing about how funny some of them are--there's a lot of them that really don't make any sense! :) ....Maybe it's just that we've been at the MTC too long... ;) 

We got an assignment to help people on Wednesday. My district is in charge of directing traffic. I am excited to help welcome newcomers to the MTC! We haven't been able to do any hosting or anything yet, so this will be pretty cool! :D

I am still enjoying my time here and am having a great time! Our zone leaders left early this morning. Saying goodbye to them yesterday was really hard and sad. I am going to miss them; they were really good examples and were always a lot of fun! It's sad to think that it's only going to get harder and that I will eventually have to say goodbye to my district. :(

Oh well. Anyway, I don't think I've told you this, but I have an Elder in my district who is from Australia!! :D I love his accent so much! He hasn't seen snow and stuff before much, so when it snowed and there was snow a couple of weeks ago, he got super excited and stuff, it was really funny! :) Today, there  was frost on the ground and he got so excited! It cracked me up!! He bent down and felt the frost and was really fascinated with it. I wish I got a picture or something, but we were going to the temple and I didn't have my camera on me. :/

We had some spare time the other day, so we watched this super goofy 30 minute show called "the call" it's a BYU video so it's on LDS.org and that's why we were able to watch it. It was made in the '80's and was so ridiculus it was funny! :) It was kind of like Johnny Lingo but bad and goofy! :) It's about asking people to go out on dates and stuff. Very funny. If you have 25 minutes to waste sometime and you want to watch something weird and funny, I suggest that movie. :) Then again, be warned, because it might have only been funny because of the amount of time I've been at the MTC. :) 

Other than that, I don't think there is a whole lot to report. No insulin overdoses this week, yay! :) We have the same meals every day (the meals change day to day, but we have the same things for lunch breakfast and dinner on every Monday and the same things each Tuesday, if that makes any sense...) The Elders that just left said that they had memorized what the meals were on the days they served them. That's going to be me... :| 

I hope everyone is ok! I am praying for all of you!! 

Love you all!!! 

Elder Fleming

When our zone leaders left, they left behind a ton of army men with that blue tac stuff on them, so we stuck them on our wall and ceiling in a battle! :)
Another picture of our army men. Haha, so awesome!! :)
Nap time! 
I think I'm going to try to make an album of all the pictures I take of everyone sleeping ;)