Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, May 18, 2015


Hey everyone! It felt weird without skyping you again on Sunday! ;) It was super good to hear from you this past week and I am so glad that you email me!! :D I love hearing from you and Dad to answer your question, the more you write and stuff the better! :D I loved the pictures you sent! I'm glad Powder's doing well and it looks like she's eating well. ;) I'm excited for you for school to be over and that you can enjoy your summer! I started enjoying the summer here with my first mango smoothie. 8) Woa, the mangoes here are good!! They remind me of peaches, and the flavor is enhanced with something else, but I can't quite tell what it is, but it's super good! :) I'm sorry to hear about that loss by RSL! That's a huge bummer! :( 

This week was pretty good, but finding new investigators was slow this week... we had 0 new investigators. :/ That was a bummer. But we did get a baptism!! :D Our investigator, J got baptized!!! :D That was pretty cool and a huge highlight of my mission so far. :) My companion got to baptize him; it was super cool! I gained more of a testimony of testimonies as we were finding people this week. :) I realized that when I bore my testimony to others, even a simple, short one, the chances of them listening and their interest goes way up! It was really cool to see, so this week I have been practicing different and simple ways to bear my testimony to others. :) 

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now, so here are some pictures!! :D 

These are pictures of J at his baptism!! 

Elder Fleming

Some members and Elder Bak and I :)
Me outside of a cool Thai food restaurant
Elder Bak last P-day almost bought this outfit! 
I met up with Elder Ludwig and Elder Chen at zone conference on Wednesday!
Elder Bak's arm before he waxed it. :) I'll have to get an after picture, it looks way different! 
The other one is another Elder falling asleep with a member. Haha. :) 
A couple weeks ago we got to hike up to this temple that had a MASSIVE Buddha with some of Elder Bak's RC friends.
Massive Buddha and friends on the hike
Inside the big Buddha
 a super cool view! 
More pictures from the hike to the big Buddha.