Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Excerpts from Letter 5/14/15

Dear Fam,
Hey, happy Mother's Day!! :D I hope this doesn't arrive too late, but I wanted to write you all a letter and let you all know that i love you lots and that I've been thinking about you! :) I'm sorry it's been so long since I wrote you all letters.

It's been crazy busy here-even busier than the MTC!! We've been working hard and a lot, which is good. My body seems to be adjusting to the food ok. :) We have a scale in the apartment, and I am about 143 pounds now! I think I've put on 13 pounds since I left. I just hope that it's muscle weight and not fat weight. :)

I think I've been out a little over 100 days now which is really weird, because when I look back, it doesn't seem that long. In the moment, it seemed longer. The time has seemed like it's starting to speed up, which is both good and bad.

So they have garbage trucks here that will come by, but usually people will have to stand outside their houses to give the garbage to the person in the back of the truck. To let people know they're coming, they play this tune that makes them sound like ice cream trucks. :) At first I thought that it was kind of funny, because I kept thinking of ice cream trucks, but it's been a month now, and they just play that same tune over and over and you hear it every day. :O I definitely won't forget that tune ever. :)

Mom, happy Mother's Day!!:D I'm sorry I won't be with you during church, but at least I have a decent excuse :). I am so excited to Skype you in a few days!!

Dad, happy early Father's Day!! :) You are a really good example for me, and I'm glad and grateful for your example for serving a mission. It's really cool when I bear my testimony and tell people that my dad was a convert at 17 and then served a mission two years later. :) Your example then, when you were 19 is now helping me, at 19 about 25 years later. I'll tell younger members or converts that a lot to help inspire them to serve missions. You serving your mission is still helping others out today. :)

I love you all, and you are all such great examples for me. You are always in my prayers!