Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, May 11, 2015

Email 5/11/15

I am so glad that RSL started doing better! I hope that they can keep it up! 

I liked the scripture you sent me! I just read it about a week ago. :) It's a great story! (Alma 8:14-15+)

Yeah, Taiwan has some really good food! I'd love to come back here and take you guys after my mission! :) 

I haven't had them (allergies) so far, and hopefully I won't while I'm here! It's been really nice not having allergies! :D

It was so good to see and talk with you yesterday, and pushing the "end call" button was the hardest things I've had to since leaving to the MTC! I'll get to see you again in just a few more short months, though! :D I love you and you're also always in my prayers. :) I can't figure out how to get pictures today, so I'll have to send them to you next week. :/ Love you!! 

Elder Fleming