Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, July 13, 2015


Emailing from the bat-cave :) Pot stickers are really good. :) We usually eat them about once a week or so. I had a 1,000 year old egg one of my first weeks here. :) It was pretty good. I had another one the other day, but the next time I eat one, I'll have to take a picture. :) They're not bad, but they look a little.... interesting. They're brown and the yolk looks a little strange, but it tastes ok. :)

That's a bummer about RSL. Hopefully they'll get it together soon, next year, or at least before I come back. :)

As for miracles, a member asked us to help her out in her business to film a short presentational video to show the company. We met the CEO and founder of the company and his wife. They were pretty cool and his wife had interest in English class. We were able to get to know them a bit and then they took us out to dinner at a super cool restaurant. We gave them a stack of English class tracts to give to their company and exchanged information. It would be pretty cool to baptize a CEO. ;) Another miracle was that another member asked us to do some service for them and help clean a house they were moving into. Hopefully this is a sign that the ward is starting to develop trust and relationships with missionaries and hopefully we can get them more excited about missionary work! :D 

Elder Fleming
Remember these? ;) We found it while helping clean the member's house. It was actually their bathroom. I wish I took a picture of it. They were moving into the house and the bathroom was pretty bad. We made it look ok, though. :) 
The other one is the view off the member's roof
Decorating a helmet
Elder Sales, a member, and me eating pie
Me hanging out on the member's roof after helping them clean. (They gave us some ice cream to eat) :) 
More roof pictures
Saying goodbye to a super awesome member who is going to the army (they have to here for a short time) for the next 4 months.