Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, July 6, 2015

07/06/15 The Weekly Still-Alive Notice

     Hello everyone, I'm still alive! I love you all lots and it was super great hearing from you! :) That's awesome that the US team won!!!! USA USA USA! :) Yeah, I have a calendar and I've written out that Tuesday was the start of my 7th month in the mission and that I've been out for 6 full months now. It's super weird. I feel like I've been out for quite a while now, but the mission is still only 1/4 over. It has been going by pretty fast, though.  Also Elder Sales is from San Francisco of the Bay Area. :) Contacting is ok, but I need to find ways to get better. Also it's annoying when people reject their own salvation. :) Elder Sales and I are doing pretty well and still alive. :) We are getting along and stuff, so that's really good. :) 
    They changed the interview times (with President Blickenstaff) to tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it went next week. ;) Also, I don't get the chance to meet with President Blickenstaff very often, which is a bummer, but he's really awesome! He replies personally to our emails, but it's usually pretty short. Also, the interview is more how he can help us or if we are having problems in the mission and stuff like that. I feel like it's less of an interview and more him seeing how he can help us. :) I'm doing well and am feeling pretty well adjusted to Taiwan. :) I realized I missed sour stuff yesterday when I ate a lemon. :) It was super good! The food here is really good, though! 
    Fireworks sound like fun! The Daoists here will sometimes light off random fireworks and they're super loud and it's kind of annoying. The new ward is busier than the old ward, so it's usually harder to get them to help us to teach lessons and stuff, which is a bummer. :/ The people here are really nice, and even when they don't want to hear the gospel and stuff, they're usually pretty nice about it for the most part, which is super cool. :) The language is coming along ok, but still slower than I want it to come. As for favorite food, I'm not sure right now. They've got some really good stuff here! I am mostly liking the food here so far. I'll try to think of good foods and send them to you. :) Taiwan has amazing mangoes, though! :D Also, lychees (a type of fruit) are in season and are super good! :D The apartment is fine, and we finally got hot water the other day!!!! XD I had completely given up hope of having a hot or warm shower again these next couple years. I had my first warm shower in about 3 months (since I got to Yuan Lin) about 2 days ago! :D I'll try to send some more pictures, haha. :)
     For the 4th of July, we actually helped a member move. It was awesome and took from lunch until about 7. We put together a desk for them as well. It was pretty awesome! :D It kind of reminded me of back home, especially putting together the desk (even though we didn't have any cool tools to use) ;) It was pretty fun, though! Alright, that was my longer email, but I'll probably send you some more. :)  

Elder Fleming

Me in the family history center in the church where we do emails. :) I call it the bat-cave, because it's in the center of the church and there are 2 outer doors that you can lock before you get in here. :)