Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, July 20, 2015

07/20/15--This week

Transfers were this week, I think I forgot to tell you last week, sorry. :/ Move call came, and Elder Sales left and I have a new companion, who is Elder Davis. His last area was in Gao Xiong. He seems cool, and he is our district leader. Oh, also he's from Logan. :) He's been out a little over a year, I think. I hope his Chinese is good ;).  I should know more next week. ;) This past week was pretty good. I got the package you sent today!!! :D I haven't opened it yet, but thank you so much!! :) gan xie!! ;) (I'm grateful) :) 

My week was good, we had a lot of fun, and Elder Sales and I played a lot of chess. :) Elder Davis said he likes chess too, so we might become fast friends... unless he beats me a lot. ;) We went to Tai Zhong last Monday, which was fun, we were going to see an opera hall, but it was closed, so we went to the mission office and picked up some stuff we needed and went back. 

I'm good, still alive and happy. :) Working with the ward has been getting better, and hopefully we can meet with the Bishop a little earlier this time. ;) As for Spiritual Stories, we will have some really cool tender mercies of the Lord, whether it's contacting and someone is really cool or we are able to help an investigator feel the Spirit. Contacts and miracles kind of go together this week. I was praying to find new investigators lately, and we were able to find 5 new investigators at English class last Wednesday and another one who had come to church last week. That was super awesome! My prayers were definitely answered! :)  

As for funny stories, one I can remember is that the Bishop asked me to share my testimony in Sacrament meeting. (When missionaries come or go, they will share their testimony during Sacrament, but otherwise, they don't as much). I figured, ok, and then wondered when Elder Sales was going to share his testimony. The Bishop called me to give my testimony and as I got to the podium, he asked me if I was moving. I said I wasn't and that Elder Sales was. He looked really surprised and then said I could sit down and asked Elder Sales to come up and share his testimony. :) I thought that was kind of funny. :) 

It's still super hot here and it's amazing that July is already almost over! :o It went by so fast!! It's humid and I am still a little sweaty and wet, even though I am sitting in AC right now. :) I think that the winter will be a little better. :)

Anyway, I love you so much!!! I pray for you every day! :) 

Elder Fleming

Massive watermelon we cut up after English class :)
Elder Sales' and my stalemate the other day. It was a good game and he got my queen while he still had his and I was able to bring him down to a stalemate. Hehe. :) 
Cooked s'mores over the stove this morning for our last comp. study session. :)
Last pics with Elder Sales
The other one is us outside of the concert hall in TaiZhong. :)