Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Friday, July 31, 2015

A real letter 7/30/15

The letter was dated 6/27/15, but arrived Wednesday, July 30, 2015. Here are some excerpts:

Dear Fam,
     Hey, I thought I'd write you a letter and say Happy Father's Day!! :D. I hope you all are doing well and had an amazing Father's Day!! Sorry this will get to you so late. :/ I wanted to write you all and tell you how much I love you guys! I really miss you all and I always love reading your emails.:) I'm really glad to hear that you've all been doing well lately. :D That means my prayers are being answered. :) When I come back from Taiwan, I'll have to bring 2 years' worth of birthday, Christmas, Father's and Mother's Day presents with me! :)
     Summer is starting here and I can feel it! It's super hot!! I got a little sunburned today and you should see my watch tan! I'll try to get a picture of it and send it to you.:)
     The mangoes here are amazing!:D When we come to Taiwan together, we'll have to go when it's mango season.:) They're super good! :)
     I'm really happy to hear you've been doing well and it sounds like you'be been having an awesome summer!
     Well, that's about all for now. I love you all so much! I miss you and pray for you every day.I love you all so much!!

Elder Fleming :)