Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Emails 2/1/16

Thanks for the encouragement and support. :) I was pretty upset at first and stayed upset for a day, but after that, I started to really like the area. :) It's pretty cool here! I am still a little bummed I can't be in Tai Nan anymore, but it's pretty sweet to be here in Heng Chun and serve in the branch here. Elder Hanna says it's more of a "twig," because there are about 20 or 25 members that are there. I think I know all the members already. :) It's a pretty cool experience to be down here in Heng Chun. I don't know about the Facebook thing; I think that maybe the Lord wants me to learn how to use technology better or something. ;) It's been cool, and I'm able to add you as friends and when I post, I'm supposed to use English and Chinese, so you'll still be able to read. I'm not supposed to chat with you on FB other than on Pday. I can chat with you on FB on Pday for 15 minutes or so, but I figure we usually just use email anyway. :) I can't use it to communicate with anyone other than you and Nicole though, it's immediate family only. 

I'll email more later. Thanks for your love and encouragement. :) Love you lots. :D 

I don't have to make my own food; it's rural for Taiwan, but there are still probably about 10,000 people here. ...maybe a little less. It's a tourist location, so there are a good amount of restaurants here. :) I think a very suitable phrase to describe this place would be "the Moab of Taiwan." :) It's got the same feel. :) 

As for FB, I can't chat with you guys other than on P day and even then I can only chat for about 15 minutes or so during email time, but we just usually use email anyways. :) You can comment on my stuff, I think. I can't comment on other people's stuff though I think. :) I'm still figuring out the rules, too. :) I don't know how much I'll post, because whenever I post, it basically has to invite others to come to Christ. I will try to take pictures of things throughout the week and try to send some spiritual posts with them, so I can get some cool pictures out. ;) 
Also, I'll probably be here for a while--a couple movecalls, probably. Missionaries down here are usually here for a longer amount of time because it's not as convenient to move. The mini movecall thing has been around for a while. People still move on it, there just aren't as many people who move on mini movecall. I haven't ever had to move on it before. 

My new companion is pretty cool. Elder Hanna's been out for about 6 months I think. He's been out for about a month and a half or 2 months earlier than Elder Anderson. He's from Oregon. He's been pretty good so far. :) He seems to get stressed out about stuff I used to get stressed out, like following the exact plan and little things like that that I don't worry about as much anymore. It's kind of funny to me now, because there are some things he does that remind me of myself a while ago. :) 

It was great "chatting" with you all on FB! :D It's like Skype... but different. ;) 

This week was good. I'm in Hengchun and the district is me and my companion. The closest missionaries are an hour bus ride away, so we're pretty isolated. :o It's been cool and beautiful here. :) Serving in a branch is interesting, but it's going to be a fun adventure. :) My companion Elder Hanna, is pretty awesome and it's fun working with him. He's a really hard worker, which is good. :) ZTM is coming up, so we get to take a hour or 2 bus ride up to the PingDong chapel to have our meeting. :) I don't know what else to say. It's been a pretty good week, the people are friendly and pretty cool and it's been fun. The area's beautiful here! :D One of these pictures is of a goofy dog rolling around on the ground outside of a 7-11 where we were making calls. Another is of squidballs, which I ate. ...I had 1 and a half of them, then decided it was enough. ;) Other pictures are of mountains, which we crossed to go to a secondary area. It was super pretty! :D Sorry there might be random pictures of a lightbulb. It burned out and I took the pics to show the store owner what kind of light I would need. :) Love you lots! :D

Elder Fleming