Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, February 15, 2016

Emails 2/15/16

Happy Valentine's Day! Happy New Year's! (It was Chinese New Year this last week). :)  

I think every day here is in the red or black air quality.... :) Where I'm at now is pretty nice though, I can smell fresh air a lot of the time, which is super nice! :DI totally forgot about Valentine's Day until the day of, it was so nice! :) 

Woohoo I'm glad Chris Wingert was brought back to RSL, that's awesome!! :D 

 Anyway, I like Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk as well. I think that is a really good talk. :) I love that we can stick to the basics to continue to develop our testimonies and our faith. I think that it's super wonderful that the Gospel is so simple. 

It is good to be engaged in a good work, even if sometimes we don't want to. :) It keeps us out of trouble. :) Someone was giving a talk once and they were talking about the age that people go on missions and focus on others and serve and devote 2 years of there lives is the same time where usually people go to college, live carnally, live for themselves and often get into trouble. By being engaged in this good work an additional blessing is keeping me out of trouble. :) 

Happy Valentine's day and happy New Year's!!! :D ( It was Chinese New Years last Monday. :) It's like Christmas in comparison, but without Santa or Christ.) :) Another perk of being a missionary. ;) It was pretty nice to not know it was Valentine's day. :) Chinese New Year's was pretty great! It was weird; I feel like Heng Chun is "the Moab of Taiwan" It's a smaller town, but it is a tourist attraction, so New Year's week, there were TONS of people here! It was pretty cool, but it made proselyting a little more difficult. :/ 

This coming week is called "power week" It's going to be intense; we only get an hour of studies in the morning and we're eating meals on the go and doing some hardcore proselyting. I'm going to need your prayers this week. 

Love you all! Sorry I'm out of time. :( I'll send pictures and stuff next week. :) Love you all lots and I miss you! 

Elder Fleming