Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Emails 2/8/16

Yay, go Broncos! :) 

I felt the earthquake, it woke me up. Usually we will hear stuff that goes on from members, but lately since I'm a FB missionary, I will catch glances at things in the news as well. Mostly it's from the members, though. :) The earthquake was pretty intense; we are on the 2nd floor and it woke me up and it shook for a good minute or so. It wasn't really violent, but it was pretty strange. I was half-asleep, so I kind of just thought "oh, I hope I don't die" then rolled over and went back to sleep. :) If I wasn't half asleep, it would have scared me more. 

Everyone I know is ok. I don't think the earthquake was bad enough to damage anything here. :) It just shook a little bit. :) 

We try to strengthen the branch where we can, but we spend most of the time proselyting. Yes, I'm the default dl (District Leader), which makes district meeting really weird... :) 

We have people feeding us a lot of food this coming week, so I'm pretty excited for that! grin emoticonWe have a super awesome member who owns a really nice restaurant who had us eat with them yesterday. The food was super good! Even the sea snails and the shrimp weren't bad. smile emoticonI also had octopus tentacle, I think squid and some other stuff as well.

Well, this week seemed a lot of more of the same. :) It's not a bad thing. All of our investigators are pretty much gone for Chinese New Year, so our lessons this week were very, very few. It was one of the slowest weeks (as far as lessons go) I've had on the mission. :o Monday I don't think we did a whole lot; we just hung out. 

Tuesday was cool, we went to zone meeting and it took almost 3 hours to get there, had the meeting from 1 to 3, then another district meeting afterwards. We didn't catch a bus going back to our area until 6, so we just ate dinner there and got back about 8:30. :o It was kind of strange, because it felt like we skipped a day, but it was pretty nice because we got a lot of time to sit and relax. And sleep. :) 

Wednesday was pretty good, I don't really remember Thursday. 

We do a service thing every week on Friday, where we sing to a bunch of "Ama's" (grandma's) in an old person's home. It's kind of weird, but fun. :) Saturday was alright, and since it was the day before New Year's, church was only one hour. Then we went to a member's house for dinner and ate a bunch of food. :) it was pretty good. :) 
The attached pictures are of: 
  • me eating dove chocolate with nutella on it. :) 
  • a couple pictures of my companion and I by "nan men" or "south door." Heng Chun used to be a fort, so they still have north, east, south and west gates. The north gate is the most impressive of the four. 
  • The other picture is of this music pseudo-concert thing in front of the 7-11 (they call them 7's here) where we usually make calls, so we took some pictures. :)
  • The other pictures of the fire is of this natural gas that comes out of these cracks in the ground and it's on fire! It's pretty cool! :D We went running one day and stopped there to take pictures and look at it. It's pretty sweet. :) 
  • The other picture is of a business card with really bad English. :) 
  • And then also some pretty scenery. :)  
Elder Fleming