Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Emails 10/31/16

Halloween came fast! :o I'm excited I'll be there for it next year! :D 

Alright, it was a pretty good week here in Jia Yi. The last week of the transfer. 

Monday was a pretty boring and relaxing Pday, which was fine. :) We bought stuff, did our cleaning for the apartment for the next transfer (even though it doesn't look like we did it at all anymore, thanks small apartment and 4 missionaries living in it) :) We spent the night contacting.

Tuesday went well, we went out to eat with some members and one of our investigators. We had DTM, and found a place that sells snake meat, so I think I'm going to try that sometime... :D We contacted, had a lesson set up at night, but he never came.

Wednesday was crazy! We studied, but left early for a lesson. We taught Brother Wu, our investigator with a goal for 11/26, who's doing pretty well, then had to go back to the apartment super quick so we could change because we helped a member paint his house! Woohoo!!! :D Service!! I was so excited! 
We got to spend some time painting his house on the inside, then he took us to a nice burger place. In some places here, they'll put peanut butter on the burger. The first time I tried it when I first got here, I thought it was kind of gross that they would do that, but when I ate it, it changed my life. It's soooo good!! Try putting peanut butter on your burgers, it's amazing!! :D That's all I'm going to eat when I go home! ;)Anyway, right afterwards, we had two back-to-back lessons, one at 6 and one at 6:30, then English class at 7. :o That was pretty nuts. They went well, though so that was good. :)

Thursday, we met with another investigator and ate lunch with him. We talked about and introduced the Book of Mormon and he was really interested in it! He said he'd read it and we set up to meet again on Saturday to share more. Then we contacted the rest of the day. Oh also a member took us out to eat... at a buffet! That was awesome! :D

Friday we had weekly planning, then contacting, then another member fed us, which is great too, because Elder Chen and I are out of money for the month! :) So that was super lucky that they fed us or we might not have made it. :)

Saturday went well. Lots of contacting in the morning, then met with our investigator from Thursday, Peter, and from Wednesday, Brother Wu. Both lessons went well. The other missionaries happened to be having a baptism at the time, so we met with Peter and then he wanted to attend the baptismal service, so he did that and we met with Brother Wu. So that was pretty cool!

Sunday went well. We had church, which is great! I think I realized that we try to put so much stuff in a week between contacting and teaching lessons and other stuff, that a week seems like forever, because before in a week I wouldn't do a whole lot, but as a missionary, we try to utilize every minute, so in a week, SO much can happen!! It's amazing! So the weeks feel like they go by fast in a sense that we're usually busy doing stuff and don't have time to sit around and stuff or think about it, but at the same time, it feels like a really long time, because of all the stuff that will happen in a week! :) That's my theory, anyway. :)

Oh, also happy Halloween!!!! :D I'm super pumped that it's Pday on one of my favorite holidays so I can celebrate!! :D Woohoo! :)

I love you all and I'm praying for you!

Elder Fleming
Our goofy district. :) Last DTM together. :o 
A "water station" to get water. I don't really know why they have these, because there is working, clean water in everyone's houses and apartments... 
Also, us in front of a pizza buffet a member took us to last week. :D
Also, one of my favorite things to eat here is Tepanyaki! It's cool to watch and sooo good!! :D 
I finally got apartment pictures in! :D