Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Emails 11/28/16

Wow, all the Ohio peeps are there! That's pretty cool! I'm excited to be there, too. :) I celebrated Thanksgiving with you! On the 25th (the 24th for you) we had a Thanksgiving activity! It was supposed to be used as a finding activity, one where members could bring their friends, which some of them did, so that was good. :) There was pie and mashed potatoes and a lot of other American Thanksgiving foods like that that you don't see often here in Taiwan! :D There was even cheesecake, so it was complete! ;) Haha! :)

The Week:
Well, it was an interesting week. Monday we had Pday. Played football, ate at a buffet, which hurt the wallet, but at least it was a cheaper buffet, so that was good. :) Only about $8USD. :D Afterwards, we took a trip to Costco, which isn't too far and I got milk for the next two weeks (hopefully it lasts that long). :) Monday night was contacting. Woo!

Tuesday, we had a meeting to coordinate our Thanksgiving finding activity on Friday, and afterwards went on exchanges. I went with Elder Evans. He's pretty awesome! Exchanges are usually pretty fun and good learning experiences. We met with Peter, an investigator we hadn't met with in about a week, so we had dropped him and then we met with him. It's been really weird, we've had a lot of investigators meet with us for a little bit, then disappear for a week or two, then all of the sudden come back. It's really strange, because this hasn't happened before.

Wednesday, we met with a less-active member, Brother Li, who loves singing! He sings with us in English and his English is really good. And he's 74. :o Pretty cool! We contacted in the afternoon and exchanged back, contacted some more and then had English class at night. It went well. Afterwards, I saw Sister Liu, from my MTC district! That was weird! :o She was here visiting Taiwan with her family! So that was pretty cool, but also really weird because she wasn't a missionary and I hadn't seen or talked to her for... probably about a year, I think was the last time I saw her.

Then on Thursday, we had DTM. That was good. Then we contacted people, dropped off a note at an LA family's house, and then met with an investigator, Sister Wu, at night. She's pretty cool! The lesson went well. We shared about the Plan of Salvation. She seemed to like it.

Friday, we had weekly planning. Then contacted. We had our Thanksgiving activity at 6, which went pretty well! We ate a bunch of American food, which was pretty fun, and I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of you! (Because the 25th here is the 24th there). :)

Saturday was good. We met with a new investigator family, who were super cool! They seemed pretty cool, and we will continue to meet with them! Then we studied in the afternoon, visited an LA and her parents, who weren't members, but really awesome and might have potential in listening to the Gospel, so that was cool!

Then Sunday was really good. Church was awesome. We had a miracle, where one of our investigators that we haven't met with in about 2 or 3 weeks came to church. We will meet with him on Wednesday and see if he really has interest in learning about the Gospel.
Sunday night we had a pretty great lesson with a Christian lady. She asked some great questions. It's really cool to preach the Gospel to people with Christian backgrounds, because they already have some of that knowledge. It was pretty cool!

So yeah, that was the week. :)


Elder Fleming

Food, Brother Li and I and more food! :D