Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, November 7, 2016

Emails 11/7/16

Good week this week. Honestly, it seems like a bit of a blur. Monday was a pretty relaxed day. Today we will probably do all those mundane things we need to do on p-day every once in a while. Also go to a buffet. :D

But last Monday, after Pday we met with a new investigator, Ms. Wu. The lesson went really well and she seemed to enjoy it. She had her son with her and we testified how the Gospel can bless families. It was great to start off the week with a lesson!

Tuesday we didn't have our weekly meeting, because we had a bigger meeting, ztm, on Thursday. So Tuesday was pretty wide open. We had ward correlation meeting in the afternoon, so it was nice to break up the day with that. Then we contacted the rest of the day. A potential investigator didn't show up to his lesson we had scheduled him for, so that was a bummer. So we contacted the rest of the night.

Wednesday went pretty well. We met with Brother Wu on Wednesday. He's pretty good. Hopefully we can help him be ready for baptism by November 26th! We contacted in the afternoon, then at night met with Brother Chen (not my companion, there are a lot of people with that last name here. ;) ), and it went well. Then we had English class that night. That went pretty well, too!

Thursday went really well! Elder Chen's parents were coming to Ali Shan kind of by Jia Yi and happened to come across us before ztm! It was amazing! It was an incredible miracle, because it really wasn't planned at all! We were heading to ztm, and saw them! We stopped for about 10 minutes and they talked and stuff. It was cool to see them and who they were as well as to get a preview of what it would look like when I get back. Now I know what to expect when I first get back. ;)

Then we had ztm. It went well. :) We had meetings all afternoon, then a lesson at night. That was about all for Thursday.

On Friday, we had weekly planning then met with a cool, elderly less active member. He's great. We met at a nearby stadium which was cool and I had never thought of doing before. The weather was perfect and it was calm. We sung hymns with him and he said he'd come to church. Cool. :) We also met another less active family on Friday or Wednesday I think, in the afternoon. Well, we met the wife. She was super cool and we set up to meet with the family tonight! :D

Friday night was contacting.

Saturday we met with a family who had come to English class, but they weren't interested. I noticed they weren't interested when we knocked on their door and the husband answered it while the wife started worshiping their idol in the far end of the room for the first 3 minutes we were there... They just wanted us there to teach their daughter English and stuff. Bummer. So we tried to leave as early as possible.

The rest of the day was alright, and at night we met with Brother Wu again.

Sunday went pretty well. We had confirmed some investigators for church, but they didn't come. :/ That wasn't fun. Oh well. Hopefully this coming Sunday they'll come. We also need to find some new investigators. I feel like we always need to find new investigators. You've never found enough new investigators on the mission.

So that was the week. It went by really fast! The time is going by pretty quick, which is both good and bad....

Email to President:

President Teh,
Another good week in Jia Yi. It's been wonderful working with Elder Chen. He's great! He shared his testimony yesterday for fast Sunday, and I thought of the first Saturday when you were here for zone conference and all the new missionaries had to share their testimonies. He's made incredible and huge improvements. It's been amazing to see and be a part of that! I really hope that he will become a better missionary than I am. I also hope he doesn't make the same mistakes I've made. 12 weeks is such a short time to try to share everything I know and give him all the advice I want to give him.

The district is doing well. We are all trying to continue to work towards finding 7 new investigators a week. Many missionaries here seem to have the faith and the drive to go out and make it happen, but aren't hitting 7. Others are a little daunted by the number. I think it's a possible number to hit, but we haven't hit that goal yet.

I'm doing alright. I'm trying to stay all in to the end. Elder Ward and my trainer, Elder Bak were great examples for me for staying all in and giving their all to the end. I hope I can do that too. I feel like there are a lot of increasing temptations and distractions coming up lately, so I'm trying to stay as immersed in the work as possible.


Elder Fleming

Oh yeah, the Blickenstaffs came to visit Taiwan a little while ago. It was great to see them! :D It's pretty cool I'm back on their blog. :)