Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Emails 11/14/16

Good week. Not much time.

Monday was pday. Ate at a buffet. It was pretty good. :)

Tuesday we had a couple lessons. Not a whole lot else until Tuesday night when I wasn't feeling well. Then we had a lesson then went home then I found out why I wasn't feeling well. I got food poisoning. So I was throwing up all night. That was fun. Then that morning, it died down, but then Elder Chen got it, so we spent all day in on Wednesday. Thursday, I had to get out of the apartment. Also we had DTM, so we did that. Then did weekly planning. Then this potential investigator took us out to eat, which probably was pretty risky for my stomach... :) It was pretty good and SUPER nice!!! :o There was a coy pond... on the second floor of the building!! :o It was incredible! So that was pretty cool. Also apparently, the building was one of, or was the most expensive building in Jia Yi. :o That was pretty cool. :)

Friday we went to GaoXiong to do the trainer follow up meeting. That was pretty cool. I saw Elder Anderson again, and Elder Grisenti, and others, so that was pretty awesome! :) Saturday was good. 

Sunday went well, also. Found some pretty cool potential people last night, so that was nice. :)

That's about it. Love you all!


Elder Fleming
We went out to a secondary area, Fan Lu on Saturday to visit an LA (less active). It was super beautiful!! :D
SUPER NICE RESTARAUNT with our potential investigator. Also us in front of the coy pond. :) Also, the hot pot buffet we went to on Monday. :)
Elder Anderson and I at trainer follow up meeting! He's awesome!! :D
And almost as tall as me! ;)
Hehe, just kidding. :)
I'm waaay taller than him. ;)